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Youngstown – The mayor has laid off a longtime employee in Youngstown’s finance department. This employee was on paid leave after his $5,632.50 city money that was supposed to be deposited in the bank went missing.

General Manager Annette Krimko, who earned $77,108 a year, was fired for dereliction of duty, misconduct and disobedience, according to a dismissal letter from Mayor Jamael Tito Brown.

On Thursday, the city board of trustees approved a $51,812.72 severance payment to Klimco. This includes her $26,096.51 for the 789 accrued hours of unpaid work she did about ten years ago, her $17,860.19 for unused sick time, and her $35 hourly wage. % was also paid. Her unused vacation cost her $11,634.84, her bonus for not using her sick leave in the first quarter of the year was her $400 (during which she was on paid suspension), plus Her new unpaid accumulated hours is $54.68.

In December 1984, the City Council passed a law allowing employees to pay not only 35% of unused sick time, but also owed money for unused time. Klimco has not been charged with a crime, but in the past the city has paid severance pay to those who have been charged.

The city deducted $4,233.50 from Climco’s total for the amount of cash lost from Crimco’s deposits. The check she failed to deposit was for $1,399 she received from the person who originally wrote the check.

After Kim was discovered missing, Klimco, which has not publicly disclosed a medical problem, wrote a check for the missing full amount, city finance chief Kyle Miasek said in December. The check was not cashed.

Miasek called Klimko, who has worked for the city for more than 30 years, a “good employee” and added, “She’s not stealing from us. She has medical problems.”

She took paid leave on November 22nd.

The Metropolitan Police Department General Affairs Division is investigating the missing cash. But the city’s legal director, Jeff Limbian, said Brown “didn’t want to wait any longer and decided to fire her based on the reasons in her letter.”

The April 10 termination letter stated that Klimko would deposit the $5,632.50 collected on October 28 in a Huntington Bank branch lockbox against various bills and fees. Miasek said she learned no deposit had been made on November 1, and when Klimko was asked about the location of the funds, she “provided no plausible explanation for their whereabouts, and as of this date , no deposits have been found,” Brown said. she wrote

It further added, “As the City Treasurer, you were obliged to ensure the safe deposit of funds. Your actions in this instance amounted to insubordination, misconduct and dereliction of duty. Your employment will be terminated for serious violations.”

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