You sold a priceless family heirloom to finance a destination wedding



April 22, 2023 | 5:16 PM

Reddit users almost universally criticized the man who came up with the idea of ​​selling inherited family heirlooms to pay for future “memorable” weddings.

“AITA sold family heirlooms to pay for destination wedding?” asked Reddit user “throwaway205813” in a post on Reddit’s “Am I the A-hole” subreddit on Friday, April 21. rice field.

In the post, the writer explained that he is a 39-year-old man engaged to a 38-year-old woman, and that they are getting married this summer.

He didn’t share his location.

“We would both like to have a pretty fancy wedding at a winery in another state,” writes throwaway205813.

“We both agree that it is the most important occasion of our lives, so we need to make it as memorable as possible.

He and his fiancée both have “steady jobs and substantial savings,” but that doesn’t cover their “admittedly ambitious” wedding plans.

In January, the man’s father died, leaving him “an extremely valuable (I think five figures) family heirloom.”

In a reply later in the thread, throwaway205813 explained that it was “a very old painting by a little known artist”.

He added:

“I have many other good memories of my father, and you don’t need a fancy heirloom to remember him.”

A man wants to get married at an out-of-state winery.
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But his younger brother is a “huge history geek” and is very attached to the painting, says throwaway205813.

“He was very upset with my father’s will decision (it went to me, not him, as this has traditionally been passed down to the eldest son),” the man wrote.

“My fiancée and I do not plan to have children, so I think he thought he (or his children) could have it if I died.”

Instead, “after some discussion,” throwaway205813 and his fiancée decided they wanted to sell the painting to pay for the wedding.

This didn’t go well with my brother, who was supposed to be the best man at the wedding.

He was “furious when he found out and said he didn’t want to be involved in the wedding anymore,” the man wrote.

“He thinks my future wife and I are acting like spoiled brats.”

Furthermore, the man revealed that his brother “convinced his uncle and cousins ​​not to come to the wedding as well.”

Since his parents are deceased, this means “virtually no one in my family will be attending the wedding, and I’m really upset.

He also said, “I inherited the family heirloom legally, so I think I can do what I want with it. I think he’s just upset because I ruined his hopes of one day inheriting it.” But my uncle and cousin agree with him enough not to come to the wedding, so I’m not sure if I’m right.

The groom’s brother began to persuade people not to go to the wedding.
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Fox News Digital reached out to throwaway205813 for comment.

On the AITA subreddit, people reply to posts saying that the poster is “NTA” (“Not an A hole”), “YTA” (“You are an A hole”), “NAH” (“Not an A hole”). ”). –holes Here”) or “ESH” (“Everyone Sucks Here”).

Users can “upvote” answers they find helpful and “disagree” on answers they don’t.

The overwhelming majority of the over 4,000 replies to this post deemed throwaway205813 a “YTA” and the AITA subreddit tagged this post as “A-hole”.

“YTA. You are very selfish and short-sighted,” Reddit user “lihzee” said in an upvoted reply.

“I can’t afford to be in my late 30s” [a lavish wedding] Without hooking something important in your family? “Yes,” added Reggie.

“You can sell it because it’s technically yours, but YTA cares more about their bank-breaking, ridiculously extravagant wedding than their relationship with their siblings and their father’s legacy,” Redditor “Pepper -90210′ mentioned in another top comment.

“If your dad had known you would sell it, he would have let your brother do it. -90210 said.

A married Reddit user called throwaway205813 “extremely short-sighted” and wanted to sell the painting.

“Also, (throwaway205813), I’ve had more good days in my marriage than my wedding day, many of which were free,” said the Redditor with the username “somewhatclevr.” .

“You’re selling a piece of your family history, estranged from your family for some event. Stop being super short-sighted. The world doesn’t revolve around you,” wrote “somewhatclevr.” .

A married Reddit user called throwaway205813 “extremely short-sighted” and wanted to sell the painting.
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Redditor Hazelsmom64 responded with her own story in another top-voted comment, stating that she too received a priceless heirloom.

The heirloom “was passed down from mother to daughter,” wrote Hazelsmom64, adding that she was the last person to receive it.

“It came on the Mayflower. From me, it goes to a museum in Massachusetts,” she wrote.

“I could have given it to my brother. People hate destination weddings.”

Another user asked throwaway205813 what a late father would say if he knew his son would sell paintings to pay for his wedding.

Throwaway205813 said he “honestly has no idea” how his father will react.

“He and my brother were well stoked about it together, so I could see him upset,” he wrote.

“I think he was pretty hurt by the tradition that heirlooms went to me and not to my brother. But he was also a very understanding person, so I knew he was OK with that.” ”

This also didn’t go over well for other Reddit users.

“So he didn’t even want you to have it. Oh. You huge AH,” lihzee said in another comment.

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