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The Nigerian financial industry has recently made great strides in terms of increasing female representation. Of its 24 commercial banks, eight have female CEOs.

To further promote women as leaders in the industry, the Women’s World Bank recently collaborated with Women in Business, Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ) as part of the Women’s Financial Inclusion Practice Community to organize workshops for female stakeholders. was held.

Supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the workshop will focus on the voices and experiences of women leaders in Nigeria to explore recent advances and possible avenues for advancing women’s leadership. Focused on learning from the World Bank study.

Speaking at the event, WIMBIZ Executive Director Hansatu Adegbait said the organization was established 22 years ago to promote increased representation of women in leadership positions in various fields.

“Women’s World Banking was able to explore the advancement of women as leaders in Nigeria’s financial industry, so you can see that they are aligned. , and then with practitioners, private sector financial players.

“So, as WIMBIZ, we are working together because there is a clear alignment towards increasing representation of women. and reflect on what we can do, first as individuals within our organisations, and then in the larger community. We want representation to be at least 35 percent,” she said.

Gino Afigbe, relationship manager and business development leader at the Women’s World Bank, said the group is working to ensure that as many women as possible, especially low-income and women-led MSMEs, have access to financial services. The focus is on economic empowerment and financial inclusion, he said. service.

“We need to build the right partnerships. These include banks and financial institutions, so we use women-centered design techniques to develop and create solutions tailored to women’s needs.” he said.

She noted that the organization uses workshops to encourage institutions to build pipelines of female leaders.

“We are privileged to be able to implement one of eight strategic imperatives related to women’s leadership. We want to be able to represent half the voices of women,” he said.

Adeze Udensi, deputy managing director of Titan Trust Bank, stressed that women have been treated fairly.

“We’re not where we wanted to be, but we’re doing our best. To me, women are very trustworthy and should be taught that they need to work twice as hard as men.” .

“Women need to know when they need to change their strategies to achieve results, which is why mentoring is so important. There are a lot of roles that women are entitled to, but they are not doing,” she said.

She added that training, such as that organized by the Women’s World Bank, is important for women to get out of their comfort zone, come out and involve other women.

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