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Natick Wegmans has one big problem. It’s a surrounding shopping mall.

Most people go to the grocery store more often than they go to the mall. Getting in and out should be convenient. But with Natick, even entering the grocery store requires parking in a separate parking lot, crossing the mall road, and returning again with the groceries. I’m not going to get my freezer items and then browse the mall, stop at Louis Vuitton, or go to Wegmans and park my car in a different parking lot to get a cart full of groceries. And it’s on the back corner of the mall from any direction, so it’s not easily accessible from the road either.

Plus there’s an Aldi across the street, 2 Stop and Shops, a Target (grocery store), and a BJ all within a mile (and a Roche Bros just down the road)…and… For the only brawl they didn’t fight they chose was the Market Basket on the other side of Framingham from there.

A novel concept… worth trying, but the mall was never the right place for it. You’ll probably be gangbusting near the center of Natick where there are no decent roads nearby in any direction. The only problem is finding the right space and traffic flow.

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