Wealthcare Investment Center President and Founder Bruce J. Smith III Announces Release of Exclusive Bestfit Retirement™ Program to Enhance Lifetime Returns on Retirement Asset Portfolios


Mount Union, Pennsylvania, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tireless Work Ethics and Out-of-the-Box Retirement Planning Solutions Bruce Smith, president and founder Mount Union, Pennsylvania Based in the Wealthcare Investment Center, his client’s engineers began work in a very unusual location, hundreds of feet below the ocean floor of the Earth. His proven strategy is born out of his unique perspective on risk factors and the application of higher level asset strategies that parallel lessons learned during his tenure in the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Submarine Engineering Division.

Bruce currently shares his unique approach to optimizing your retirement finances on various long-running radio, television and web-based media shows. A glimpse into submarine life helps listeners understand the importance of risk management. “All men and women who serve on submarines learn about the thousands of risks that exist when operating in devastating deep waters. Proven strategies for managing these risk factors are critical for submarines. ” Crew Survival. “

His Newly Released BestFIT Retirement The program starts with a clean slate, creating a customized plan for each family and optimizing the results of managing your retirement portfolio by taking advantage of rare opportunities not realized by most traditional retirement plans. . Program benefits include reducing lifetime retirement income tax and risk exposure by up to 40% while generating tax-free growth and income for retirees whose original plans did not include these advanced tax and risk reduction strategies It includes providing opportunities. This comprehensive process is detailed in Bruce’s #1 Amazon Best Seller of 2019 book. Wealth creation Wealth maintenance.

Bruce founded WealthKare in 1997 to provide Wall Street’s favorite unconventional, one-size-fits-all, product-driven retirement solutions. Using the same high-level plans commonly reserved for wealthy families and individuals, he helps retirees optimize their nest eggs, and works on his 55 projects across the United States. Benefiting his 600 customers from age 75 to his age. $500,000 up to millions.

BestFIT Retirement Allowance The program provides consumers faced with increased market volatility, higher-than-expected inflation, rising tax rates, questionable income longevity, and rising healthcare costs, providing them with valuable insights into the long-term security of their retirement finances. provide insight. Integrated stress tests include stability in the face of unplanned expenses due to long-term medical care or the death of a spouse.



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