VinFast aims to make vehicle buying easier, from order to financing to delivery


Sanford – Vietnam-based VinFast is partnering with a Canadian company on a strategy to order, buy, finance and deliver electric vehicles.

The news comes as a countdown to a possible public offering until around July 20th, which could raise billions of dollars for VinFast.

The company has shipped 999 models to North America to date, has established dealer networks in several countries (including a new location in Berlin), and has partnered with Taq Automotive Intelligence.

VinFast to merge with US company, stock worth $27 billion to go public

The companies have so far not disclosed the financial terms of the deal, which they say will cover VinVast Canada.

“Today is an exciting day for us,” VinFast’s deputy chief executive of sales and marketing Robert Muller said in an announcement Tuesday. “This partnership will help provide a smooth and easy experience for all his VinFast customers.”

Taq Automotive says its platform “provides autonomy for VinFast customers to set up financial payments, submit credit applications and regulatory documents, and digitally sign contracts.”

VinFast plans to build an auto plant in Chatham County. This year, however, it faces a number of challenges, from recalls to a barrage of negative comments about its vehicles.

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