Vanguard, Fidelity Top Morningstar Robo-Advisor List

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Morningstar has turned to the top investment management and financial advice robo-advisors as it tracks the growing market for technology-driven financial advice and investments with limited human interaction.

Morningstar rated the stock based on “factors that most directly help investors achieve their financial goals,” including fees. Quality of investment portfolio and advice. and financial planning tools. The five leaders, in order, were Vanguard Group Inc., Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab Corp., Betterment LLC, and Wealthfront Inc.

“Digital investment advice is booming,” wrote Amy Arnott, portfolio strategist at Morningstar Research Services LLC in a June 23 post. “As access to these services increases, so do investors’ questions about their suitability, cost and scope.”

Arnott attributed the growing popularity of automated advice to “Gen Z’s ability and preference to handle finances online, the pandemic’s shift to virtual interactions with advisors, and a growing interest in new assets such as cryptocurrencies. It is written that the popularity is increasing for reasons such as “increase”.

Vanguard Digital Advisor

Vanguard’s robo-advisor, Digital Advisor, and its hybrid sibling, Personal Advisor Service, are leaders for the second year in a row. The service combines automation and human expertise and includes ESG options, active his funds and tax saving strategies. Morningstar says the company, which offers access to customizable portfolios, planning tools and financial planners, has faced criticism over customer service and pricing issues.

fidelity go

Fidelity Go came in second for our research and asset allocation team. A taxable or retirement-focused portfolio is determined through a risk tolerance questionnaire that provides seven risk levels. Ongoing support includes alerts and nudges, but tax loss recovery is not available. Attendees will have access to spending and debt management tools as well as coaching on retirement planning and budgeting. However, according to Morningstar, some advisers may not be certified financial planners.

Schwab Intelligent Portfolio

Morningstar noted that Schwab’s portfolio construction process is robust, with portfolios available at 12 risk levels and comprehensive asset class exposures. However, excessive cash allocations of 6% to 30% impede earnings over time. Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium provides investors over $25,000 with his CFP Designated Financial Planner. Despite cash problems, Schwab remains the frontrunner, offering advice in areas such as mortgages, college savings, retirement savings and retirement income, according to Morningstar.


Betterment stood out from Morningstar due to its services and value, but investors were advised to focus on its core offerings and avoid “gimmicky” add-ons like cryptocurrencies. It provides a glide path for portfolio adjustment and offers low-cost ETFs with exposure to major asset classes. Betterment offers a wide range of services at affordable prices, but investors should be wary of the company’s recent fines for misrepresenting loss recovery, Morningstar said. Nevertheless, Betterment offers powerful core investment options and a user-friendly interface.

wealth front

Morningstar said Wealthfront’s strengths, such as low-cost, high-quality funds, were hampered by questionable allocations and strategic shifts. It incorporates behavioral economics research for risk assessment and offers a thoughtful approach to recovering tax losses through direct indexing. But according to Morningstar, some of Wealthfront’s strategies follow general trends rather than wise investment practices, with portfolios being aggressive and encouraging investors to keep up to 10% of their assets in crypto funds. is said to be recognized.

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