Vanguard Capital Wealth Advisors Increases NVIDIA Stake; Notable Equity Sale by Insider

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Vanguard Capital Wealth Advisors, a renowned investment management firm, recently announced a significant increase in its stake in NVIDIA Co. (NASDAQ:NVDA). Vanguard Capital Wealth Advisors increased its stake in the computer hardware maker 9.0% in the first quarter of this year, according to the company’s latest 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The company currently owns 6,546 shares of NVIDIA stock. This represents the addition of his 539 shares since the last filing. This increased holding represents approximately 1.8% of Vanguard Capital Wealth Advisors’ total portfolio, ranking it as the firm’s 13th largest position.

At the end of the reporting period, Vanguard Capital Wealth Advisors’ NVIDIA holdings were valued at $1,818,000. However, it is important to note that this valuation may fluctuate due to market fluctuations and other factors.

In another move involving NVIDIA, board member Harvey C. Jones made headlines on Tuesday, June 13 when he sold a whopping 119,795 shares of the company’s stock. The transaction took place at an average price of $403.17 per share, resulting in a total transaction value of $48,297,750.15.

According to disclosures filed with the SEC, Jones now owns 676,396 shares of NVIDIA directly after the sale, valued at a whopping $272,702,575.32. This significant move by a prominent director certainly draws attention to potential changes within the company.

In addition, director John Dabiri also sold a smaller amount of NVIDIA stock (283 shares) in a separate transaction on Monday, June 26. These sales were executed at his average price per share of $424.53, bringing the total transaction value to his $120,141.99.

After this sale by Mr. Dabiri, he now owns 2,401 shares of NVIDIA directly, valued at approximately $1,019,296.53. The sale is also disclosed in his SEC filings, which are available to interested parties.

It’s important to note that Harvey C. Jones previously sold 119,795 shares on June 13th at the same average price as the most recent sale. After the sale, Jones now owns a significant stake in his 676,396 shares of NVIDIA, valued at a whopping $272,702,575.32.

Interestingly, in the last 90 days alone, corporate insiders have sold a total of 368,271 shares of NVIDIA stock. This is a staggering total of $147,115,953. Insiders currently own about 3.99% of the company’s stock.

In terms of market performance, NVDA shares opened at $421.03 on Friday. This is a great number that highlights its growth potential. Over the past year, NVIDIA has had a low of $108.13 and a high of $439.90. This shows its volatility and big profit potential.

In addition, NVIDIA has solid liquidity ratios, including a quick ratio of 2.79 and a current ratio of 3.43, both demonstrating the company’s ability to meet its short-term financial obligations quickly and efficiently.

The company’s debt-to-equity ratio stands at an encouraging level of 0.40. This demonstrates the prudent use of financial leverage to maximize shareholder value to avoid the undue risks associated with over-borrowing.

With a staggering $1.4 trillion market capitalization and a price-to-earnings ratio (PE) hovering around 219.29 (versus an industry average close to 20), NVIDIA has strong investor confidence and future growth prospects. Shows high expectations.

Additionally, NVIDIA’s price-to-earnings ratio (PEG) ratio stands at a healthy 2.91, a further indicator of investor confidence in the company’s continued growth trajectory.

The stock’s recent performance has shown positive momentum, with the 50-day simple moving average settled at $364.25 and the 200-day simple moving average at $269.65, both well above current trading prices, with the market It suggests a bullish sentiment of the participants.

In conclusion, Vanguard Capital Wealth Advisors’ increased stake in NVIDIA is evidence of the company’s strong growth potential and ability to attract investors seeking long-term value. Recent sales by corporate insiders have attracted attention and may indicate a shift in the dynamics within the organization. With strong liquidity ratios, prudent financial management strategies, and impressive market performance, NVIDIA remains a major player in the computer hardware industry and is poised for continued success in the future.

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NVIDIA’s Strong Position and Financial Performance Attract Optimism from Hedge Funds and Analysts

Nvidia, a prominent computer hardware maker, has experienced a major shift in its position and holdings by hedge funds. For example, Sage Rhino Capital LLC raised his position at NVIDIA by 4.7% in the first quarter and now owns 2,648 shares of the company’s stock worth $736,000. Similarly, Kovack Advisors Inc. increased its stake in NVIDIA by 5.6% to a total of 20,375 shares worth $5,660,000. MBA Advisors LLC also entered by acquiring new shares of his NVIDIA stock worth approximately $221,000 during the first quarter.

In addition, Walkner Condon Financial Advisors LLC expanded its position in NVIDIA by 4.6% and now owns 4,253 shares, valued at $1,181,000. Meanwhile, E Fund Management Hong Kong Co. Ltd. has acquired a new position at NVIDIA where he is worth $1,114,000.

These position changes demonstrate the confidence institutional investors and hedge funds have in NVIDIA’s performance and outlook. In fact, these investors now own about 64% of the company’s stock.

Equity research analysts are also weighing NVIDIA’s current position and future potential. Evercore ISI has raised its price target on NVIDIA from $320 to $500. This is an encouraging sign for the company and its investors. Robert W. Baird raised NVIDIA’s rating from “neutral” to “outperform” and his price target to $475 from $300.

Along similar lines, Bank of America increased its price target from $450 to $500, and TD Cowen gave NVIDIA an “Outperform” rating earlier this year, with a price target of $260 to $300. raised to

Wedbush went even further by raising NVIDIA’s rating from “neutral” to “outperforming” and raising its price target from $290 to $490.

Overall, NVIDIA has received great positive feedback from research analysts. Bloomberg data shows the stock currently has an average rating of “moderate buy” and a consensus price target of $392.70.

In terms of recent company news, several directors have sold significant shares. For example, director Harvey C. Jones sold his 119,795 shares at an average price of $403.17. This brings him to a staggering $48,297,750.15 in total transaction value.

Another noteworthy sale was made with Director John Dabiri selling 283 shares at an average price of $424.53 for a total transaction value of $120,141.99.

These transactions were disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission as filings accessible via the hyperlinks provided.

It’s important to note that in the last three months alone, insiders have sold 368,271 shares, valued at approximately $147,115,953. This is certainly notable as insiders collectively own 3.99% of the company’s stock.

Shifting focus to NVIDIA’s financial performance, the company reported earnings per share (EPS) of $1.09 for the quarter ending May 24. This beats consensus expectations by $0.17 for him.

Additionally, NVIDIA posted revenue of $7.19 billion in the quarter, versus market expectations of $6.52 billion. This demonstrates its resilient performance despite a revenue decline of 13.2% compared to the same period last year.

NVIDIA also delivered a strong net profit margin of 18.52% and a return on equity (ROE) of 23.63%.

Research analysts expect NVIDIA’s strong performance to continue, reaching earnings per share of approximately $6.31 this year (2021).

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that NVIDIA recently announced its quarterly dividend, which was paid out on June 30th. The record shareholder on June 8 he received a dividend of $0.04 per share. This equates to an annualized dividend of $0.16 and a yield of 0.04%.

In summary, NVIDIA continues to make waves in the industry with its strong financial performance, gaining the attention and trust of institutional investors and hedge funds. Research analysts remain optimistic about the company’s future growth prospects, and it’s clear that NVIDIA is solidifying its position as a leader in the computer hardware market.

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