United Benefits LearnLux Financial Planning Program

Financial Planners

date:July 14, 2023

The AFA Benefits Committee has learned that United Airlines has implemented the LearnLux financial planning program as part of its employee benefits package.

This global program provides access to Certified Financial Planner™ professionals and leading money management tools. Each employee receives a financial plan customized to specific goals, covering areas such as cash flow management, retirement planning, benefit determination, stock compensation and total compensation. LearnLux offers a variety of financial resources and tools, as well as confidential coaching from certified financial planners to help employees budget, manage debt, save and invest.

A LearnLux Certified Financial Planner™ Professional is an extension of your company’s benefits team, ready to help with your employee’s financial questions. We provide additional support during open registration periods, stock events, and more.

To set up a LearnLux account, employees can sign up through the Flying Together Benefits platform page.

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