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Bryan Cranston said in a recent interview, breaking bad The actor will retire in 2026.

speaking to an Englishman GQCranston said he plans to close his Hollywood production company and move to France with his wife when he turns 70 in a few years, a comment that could be interpreted as an actor’s retirement.

After dozens of articles announcing Cranston’s seemingly pending retirement, Cranston turned to social media Saturday to “set the record straight.”

“I’m not retiring,” Cranston said. “What I am going to do is hit the pause button for a year after his 70th birthday in 2026. Oh my god – 70!

I’m not quite sure what “pause” means, but at the moment I think it means that taking a year off does a few things. “

That “year-long vacation,” which included a stay in France with his wife Robin “as a loving couple in their final years, to be honest,” helped Cranston to establish himself before: You could also “reset” your career. As a character like Walter White, Your Honor.

“For more than 20 years, I have had the incredible experience of playing characters on television, in movies and on stage, and I could only dream of it until it happened. I can’t thank and thank you enough,” Cranston added.

“That said, I feel like I’m starting to run out of new ideas for how to play the characters I’m being offered. So exploring more extended life experiences is replenishing my soul. and give them the opportunity to prepare for any role that might be given in a more authentic way.”


Cranston is set to appear in a Wes Anderson movie soon asteroid citywhich currently has at least three films in various stages of production.

“I have unfinished business,” Cranston wrote. “There are some movies coming out soon that I’m very proud of. I’m producing some made-for-TV stories that I really love, and I’m turning my attention back to Broadway. But , this time from a new perspective…more on that later. For now, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has been incredibly kind and generous with their time to read my posts and follow my career. I never take my luck for granted. I am blessed and do I know it? “

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