– UN-Habitat Partners with LCEC to Expand Efforts to Provide Lebanon with Responsible Renewable Energy Solutions

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NNA – As part of its strategic vision to promote sustainable energy solutions for Lebanon’s public services and social institutions, UN-Habitat today signed a cooperation agreement with Lebanon’s Energy Conservation Center (LCEC). This cooperation will provide a comprehensive package for the supply of solar energy systems to strengthen the operation and service delivery of various municipalities, municipal federations, social health service centers and water facilities in Tripoli, Tile-Kaza, Zahle, Beirut and Mount. It is intended to provide technical support. Lebanon.

LCEC will work with UN-Habitat to assess the feasibility and efficiency of deploying solar energy systems in more than 20 pre-selected locations. After a feasibility study conducted by the LCEC, shortlisted sites will have needs-based renewable energy interventions. In addition, a joint nationwide awareness campaign will be conducted in parallel, focusing on best practices for system selection, installation and maintenance, including safety precautions to consider when installing solar energy systems.

“Sustainable energy is making rapid progress in many sectors of the Lebanese economy, but some subsectors are being left behind and in the dark. “LCEC will support these sectors to participate in this green energy transition.This cooperation will only improve the energy performance within these facilities.” But it also strengthens its role in the fabric of society towards a more robust, healthier and safer urban environment. We can,” said LCEC General Director and President of the Board Pierre El Coury.

“Cities are a major contributor to climate change, including in Lebanon. According to UN-Habitat, cities consume 78% of the world’s energy and generate more than 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. Lebanon continues to face a significant energy crisis, but the renewable energy sector has made remarkable progress in recent years, and UN-Habitat has undertaken a number of projects to address the crisis. and through our partnership with LCEC, we will help more public institutions and local governments launch greener solutions for a better urban future,” said Taina Christian, Director of UN-Habitat Lebanon. Sen said. .
Since its establishment, UN-Habitat Lebanon has worked effectively with partners and urban planners at the local, national and international levels to contribute to making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe and resilient. has developed and implemented programs and interventions to and sustainable.

Working in over 90 countries, UN-Habitat supports people living in cities and human settlements towards a better urban future. Working with government and local partners, our high-impact projects combine world-class expertise with local knowledge to deliver timely and targeted solutions. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development includes his SDG 11, a goal dedicated to cities. This is about making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

LCEC is a non-political, non-profit organization. The LCEC’s mission is to lead Lebanon’s efforts in energy efficiency and renewable energy development to increase energy security and decarbonization levels. We actively formulate policies, implement projects and shape markets in line with the global sustainable energy transition.


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