Two-Time WWE Champion Opens Up About Possible Retirement Plans


Former WWE Champion AJ Styles would rather go all out than be forced to retire due to injury.

Styles made it to the finals of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament at WWE Night of Champions. However, he fell short on Saturday after losing to Seth Rollins in a hard-fought match that kicked off the premium live event in Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with Mark Andrews love letter to wrestling Podcast “The Phenomenal One” talks about his retirement plans. He revealed that he wants to finish his career the way he wants, rather than being forced to leave like Edge in 2011.

“Going out as I want and not being obliged to go out, I think that’s all I want to do,” Styles said. “I just want to finish and run the way I want to. I retired thinking about my career.” “The game is over and in our job so many people do. So I just hope to finish. I want to finish, injury. I want to finish in my own way, not because of [H/T SEScoops]

AJ Styles turns 46 next month and is still one of the world’s greatest WWE superstars. Styles recently returned after missing months with his ankle injury.

Given his age and everything he’s been through in his career, it’s natural for him to think about retirement.

AJ Styles signs contract with WWE until next year

It’s been seven years since AJ Styles made his WWE debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble. Styles won every title, including two WWE Championships. But how many years left on his current contract?

Earlier reports said Styles was under contract until 2024. He reportedly signed a lucrative five-year deal worth at least $3 million a year in 2019.

It will be interesting to see if Styles retires at the end of his current contract or if he signs a new contract extension and wrestles into his late 40s like Edge and Rey Mysterio.

Who would love to see AJ Styles’ next showdown after failing to win the World Heavyweight Championship? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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