To enforce the 2018 regulations, GPS now tracks vehicles carrying septage.delhi news

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New Delhi: Registered vehicles carrying septage are now GPS tracking to ensure collection and disposal in accordance with Septage rules2018.
lieutenant governor VK SaxenaReviewing the progress of restoration of the Yamuna River during a High-Level Commission meeting, expressed serious concerns about sludge management.
“Vehicles carrying sludge have to drop sludge into a sewage treatment plant (STP), but many vehicles dumped their waste into drains at night. It was being paid to be dumped on the shore and this issue was a big concern,” the source said. However, it has now been decided that 180 registered vehicles carrying septage will be monitored by specialized agencies.
During the meeting, LG instructed agencies to ensure that all work is done in mission mode to achieve visible improvement in river pollution levels by June 30th.
Since the start of the Najafgarh Drain cleanup efforts, the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) levels in the drains have consistently declined, reaching BOD levels in ISBT’s Yamuna after the drains join the river. also reflected the same. However, LG stressed that the level fluctuates from month to month and that the same level should be stabilized and lowered further.
Regarding the utilization of treated wastewater, LG has instructed to prepare a utilization plan of treated wastewater of 800 MGD. For 123 MGD of unused treated water, the Commission previously decided to use it to fill the water bodies of Lake Najafgarh, Lake Smriti Van and NTPC Eco Park. Work on these sites is expected to be completed by April, June and August respectively.
The city generated 768 MGD, of which only 75.5% (580 MGD) was processed. The Commission is committed to ensuring the treatment of 727 MGD (95%) of sewage by June 2023, achieving a total treatment capacity of 814 MGD by December 2023 and 964.5 MGD by June 2024. I am aiming.
Construction of 3 new STPs at Okhla, Delhi Gate and Sonia Vihar, construction of 40 new decentralized STPs in various locations, rehabilitation of 3 existing STPs and upgrade of 18 existing STPs overseen by the Commission It has been.
LG has been informed that of the 44 major sub-drains falling into the Najafgarh drainage channel identified for trapping, 17 have already been trapped and the rest will be trapped by October 2023. I was. The rest are to be confined by October 2023.
Of the 90.34 km of main/peripheral sewers targeted to be desanded by June, 32.58 km of work has already been completed and the remainder will be completed by June. LG has directed the remaining 530 km of sewers to be completed by the end of this year.

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