Titanic Submarine, Hunter Biden Investigation, HCA Hospital

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The desperate search for the missing Titanic submarine continues. Legal experts are weighing the charges facing Hunter Biden. The for-profit hospital chain has also been accused of forcing his family into hospice care to make room for beds.

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‘Underwater noise’ detected during search for missing submarine

The race against time is ticking as the crew continues to search for the Titan submarine that went missing during a mission to investigate the wreckage of the Titanic. A U.S. Coast Guard official said yesterday that the ship has less than 40 hours of oxygen left.

Earlier this morning, the Coast Guard announced that Canadian aircraft detected “underwater noise” within the search area. The U.S. Coast Guard said the noise prompted a new search by remote-controlled vehicles, but that previous efforts had “negative consequences.”

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  • There is little space for more than one person to stretch out at once, and there are no traditional toilets, which must be operated with video game controllers. Take a peek inside Titan’s ship.
  • Billionaire, CEO, Diver, Businessman and His Son: Here’s what we know About 5 people on board.
  • The submarine’s oxygen supply is the most pressing factor in the search, Challenges don’t stop there .

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Legal expert speaks out on charges against Hunter Biden

The plea bargain Hunter Biden struck with a Delaware federal prosecutor was “tough” but probably won’t result in a prison sentence, legal experts said. Under the agreement Biden will plead guilty He was charged with two misdemeanors of not paying taxes. Court documents filed yesterday said he also faces a separate felony charge of possession of a firearm, which is likely to be dismissed if certain conditions are met.

A former FBI general counsel and NBC News contributor says tax and gun charges are rarely raised against first-time offenders like Mr. Biden. The former federal prosecutor added, “If anything, Hunter Biden was treated harshly.

in fact, Gun crime itself is under legal threat.

Doctors say HCA hospitals are pushing hospice care to improve performance indicators

Doctors say HCA Health Care Hospital is pressuring staff to persuade patients’ families to start hospice care to reduce in-hospital mortality and vacate beds faster.

Two HCA hospitals appear to have mechanized their practice. Staff cites algorithm known as Vulnerability IndexTo identify patients most likely to die soon, according to text shared with NBC News.

Biden angers China by calling Xi a ‘dictator’

President Joe Biden has called Chinese President Xi Jinping a “dictator,” a move that suddenly intensified after talks between the two superpowers aimed at easing geopolitical animosity, sparking Beijing’s angry response. Caused.

Speaking at a campaign fundraiser in California, Biden said despite his position as China’s all-powerful leader, he was unaware of the Chinese spy balloon that allegedly flew over the United States earlier this year. , suggested Mr. Xi was embarrassed. China was quick to criticize the remarks, labeling them “extremely unreasonable and irresponsible.”

The president’s briefing on Mr. Xi came a day after Secretary of State Anthony Brinken’s high-level visit to defuse tensions between the United States and China.

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Adults should be screened regularly…

…anxiety and depression, Especially pregnant and postpartum women, even if they have no symptoms. The recommendation from an influential group of health professionals is the first time the panel has advocated routine screening for anxiety disorders in adults and comes amid a recent surge in emotional stress. . So what is an anxiety test? It’s very simple.

▼ Political Overview

meeting: Congressman Lauren Boebert Introduced articles of impeachment There will be a forced House vote in the next few days against President Joe Biden.

Trump investigation: Former President Donald Trump Trial in Special Counsel Classified Documents Case Begins in mid-August.

artificial intelligence: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Announcing the long-awaited framework We discuss AI regulation and outline steps Congress can take to stay ahead of the technology.

Out Politics and Policy: federal judge repealed Arkansas law That would ban transition-related medical care for transgender minors as unconstitutional.

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Two friends were found dead in front of their home in Columbus, Georgia, and a few days later, a man who lived next door was also found dead.No arrests have been made three months after the death. And conflicting details came to light. Reporter Tim Sterow investigates the case and speaks to families who want to know when they will have answers. — Jamie Nordell evening news editor

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Delta Airlines pilot Arrested on suspicion of showing up drunk I was forced to cancel my trip by connecting to a flight to New York.

The night Iowa apartments were partially destroyed and residents were evacuated gathered in the back alley Near the rubble, we “cried together” watching everything unfold.

Kindergarten teachers in Taiwan accused of drugging a student Blood tests found traces of sedatives, including phenobarbital and benzodiazepines, in at least eight children.

Global gender equality returns to pre-corona levels, Expected to stay closed for another 131 years (Translation: until 2154) says the World Economic Forum.

Idaho man charged with four murders He told the police that he had lost Following an incident in which a neighbor allegedly exposed himself to a man’s family.

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