The Harvard College Association will allocate an additional $10,500 for Senior Week to fully subsidize some


At its Monday night meeting, the Harvard Faculty Association decided to allocate an additional $10,500 from the finance team’s budget to Senior Week to set aside funds for future summer storage programs.

Senior Week, which celebrates the graduation of Harvard College classes, takes place between the finals period and the commencement ceremony, with many social events. The $10,500 fund will be used to fully subsidize 72 tickets for seniors, adding to his $5,000 allotment last week to reduce the cost of all senior tickets from $175 to $165. I pulled it down.

“This fund is specifically directed to students who are unable to obtain an SEF ticket despite their low income, this fund is conditional on the use of the funds and fully subsidizes 60 tickets for 60 students. ,” said Corbin C. Lubianski, HUA’s Chief Financial Officer. ’24 said, referring to Student Events Fund Tickets, which allows eligible students with financial aid to get tickets for free.

“We want to allocate these funds to organizations that actually use them for the benefit of their students,” he added.

According to HUA’s John S. Cooke ’25 President, students apply for ticket grants through Google Forms, where they disclose the level of funding required. Winners are determined by a lottery system where students with more financial aid are more likely to be selected.

In addition, HUA unanimously approved the allocation of $2,524 of unused student activity funds remaining from the Faculty Council (the university’s previous student government) to future summer custody programs.

Unless explicitly allocated, budget surpluses do not carry over to the next academic year and are instead returned to the Dean’s Office. Failure to spend all of the allocated budget will lead to future cuts to his HUA.

“I think the DSO could have been cautious if they didn’t explicitly assign this to future programs, and they could have taken it out of next year’s budget. This is probably not a good thing,” Lubian said. Ski said.

During the meeting, Lubianski estimated that the annual summer storage program run by HUA’s Residential Living team is spending about $18,000 out of the team’s $23,000 budget. By shifting these funds into future years, HUA will be able to utilize future Residential Life Team spending for later projects.

“This essentially locks these funds and allows them to be used only for future storage programs, which mitigates future Residential Life funds from being diverted to other programs and initiatives.” said Lubiansky.

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