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This is a big week for tech companies’ earnings and things to start — Alphabet () and Microsoft () will report quarterly results after the close on Tuesday.

Investors from both Alphabet and Microsoft will hear the companies’ prospects for artificial intelligence on the conference call, among other topics such as advertising and company earnings.

Yahoo Finance’s Brad Smith and Seana Smith break down the three things people look for after a call.

Catch up on Yahoo Finance live on Tuesday afternoon ahead of Alphabet and Microsoft’s earnings calls.

Yahoo Finance Live Programming on Tuesday:

– : Julie Hyman and Brad Smith outline what you want to hear from Alphabet and Microsoft’s earnings calls.

– : Rachelle Akuffo discusses how AI works on earnings calls.

– : Dave Briggs and Seana Smith present Alphabet and Microsoft earnings live

– : (or at the end of the earnings call): Brad Smith and Seana Smith see market reaction and predict what Alphabet and Microsoft’s results will mean for both consumers and investors.

video transcript

Brad Smith: Hello. Microsoft and Google / Alphabet Alphabet Want to know what happens when Google’s “After the Call” goes live and they report earnings? Hey Siana, can you tell us about “After the Call”?

Sheena Smith: Oh here I come

Brad Smith: She will fill you in on everything that is happening.

Sheena Smith: All right, well, I’m going to look at Microsoft. Because a lot of this topic was all about OpenAI. We know that AI has received a lot of attention over the last few months. So we’ll see if we see Microsoft’s cloud business if some of that holds up and if it’s enough to offset the slowdown we’ve seen with Azure. If it falls short of expectations, it could be a worrisome quarter.

Brad Smith: I’m also going to look at Alphabet and Google, whatever you call them at home. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has already spoken out about where all generative AI ambitions, or at least the ambitions of tech companies and the tech space as of now, need to put the brakes on them. But you’ll probably hear a little more on the phone. But this is the advertising business after all. Maybe one day we’ll interact with Bard and Ernie bot, and maybe Chat GPT’s name will eventually come from Microsoft, but at the end of the day, how can they monetize all this? Advertising will be a problem, at least for Alphabet and its subsidiaries Google and YouTube. The list goes on and on. After the call, we have a lot to disassemble for you.


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