The Budget, Finance and Economic Development Committee will assess community input on budget priorities for, sports, jobs


After a series of budget meetings in nine residential areas in the county from March 30 to April 14, the Budget, Finance and Economic Development Board heard community priorities and recommendations and now county It is evaluated against the priorities and recommendations received from the department of

Community meetings began in West Maui, where residents shared their support for maintaining transportation, health and safety infrastructure, roads, parks and tennis courts. The witness also expressed support for the community’s programs and organizations that support youth and Kupuna.

On Molokai, residents favored transportation and bus services, business planning and development, park maintenance, health care, culture and arts, and programs that benefit Kupuna and youth. The community expressed concern that the island’s police and fire stations were in a flooded area and felt they needed to be relocated.

Community members of the Makawao Haiku Paia settlement testified in support of funding youth-focused organizations and programs. Witnesses also supported affordable housing, transit services, programs to enhance community safety, and adding pickleball and tennis courts to Haiku.

In East Maui, residents called for continued funding for seniors, transportation services, invasive species management, and nonprofits that benefit Hana. Support for Hana community and cultural events, including youth education programs, was also expressed.

South Maui residents requested funds for flood prevention and mitigation infrastructure, road maintenance, and infrastructure and park improvements. A wide range of transport options, programs supporting transport services, early childhood education services, youth education, food production and environmental protection efforts were also supported.

Individuals in the Pukalani Kula Ulupalakua community have supported programs and organizations that provide educational resources to young people. Community priorities included conservation of invasive species and watersheds, wildlife management, tax exemptions for farmers, and additional pickleball his coats.

Lanai residents demanded funds for affordable housing, home care and medical assistance in Kupuna, transportation services, and road improvements. We also received support for performance arts and youth programs, agricultural parks, farmers markets, community kitchens, and community facilities for dogs and skaters.

Residents of the Kahului and Wailuku Waihee Waikapu communities spoke in support of youth programs, animal care and shelters, invasive species management, agriculture and social services programs. Improving road infrastructure and pedestrian safety also received strong support.

Public testimony from meetings in each residential area can be found at Concurrently with the Central Maui Residential Area Conference, the council also held his April 14 county budget hearing.

Budget surveys helped gather information from those unable to attend meetings. The survey helped identify where tax dollars should be spent and prioritize county programs and services.

The survey found that most participants want to maintain spending levels of the previous fiscal year and budgets should prioritize affordable housing, environmental protection, infrastructure and water resources. rice field. To view data collected from participants, please visit

The next step for the commission is to use this information to create a budget that effectively meets the county’s needs. Decision-making begins with the executive branch’s budget and ends with the legislative branch.

For more information, visit or call (808) 270-7887.

* Yuki Lei K. Sugimura is Chair of the Budget, Finance and Economic Development Committee. She holds a seat on the county council for the Upcountry Residency area. “Council’s 3 Minutes” is a column that provides breaking news on county legislative and community issues. For more information, visit

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