The 2023 Finance Bill is bad across the board


The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM Party) called for a complete rejection of the 2023 Finance Bill.

The party pointed out through its Twitter handle on Saturday that the much-controversial bill across the country contains many proposals that should not be passed as is.

“The 2023 Finance Bill is bad across the board,” the party said.

“Besides the controversial 3% housing tax levied on Kenyan workers, the bill contains many bad proposals that should not see the light of day,” he added.

This came despite activist Omtata Okiya and four others appearing in court on Friday to challenge the bill.

In their petition, they argue that the bill is a threat to human dignity and socio-economic rights, and that if it becomes law it will result in higher prices for essential goods.

“Pending hearing and decision, the Court is pleased to issue an order to suspend the consideration of Articles 28, 30, 33, 36 and 76 of the Finance Bill 2023,” the court documents said. has been written.

They argue that the proposed approach is coercive and limits the choices individuals have when choosing how to plan their homes and how to use their property.

President William Ruto during his Madaraka Day speech He expressed his satisfaction with the debate generated by the bill.

The president said the bill changed the national debate in the country from the political and ethnic debates seen in the country recently.

“Everywhere in the country, in churches, social venues, formal and informal workplaces, in every media platform, and in urban and rural gatherings, there are intense discussions about the finance bill,” Ruto said. rice field.

“Over the past few weeks, the debate has been problem-centric and there is no hint of ethnically dividing rhetoric,” he added.

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