‘Take back Alberta’ outgoing finance chief takes aim at leader with ‘offensive’ remarks


Apparently disillusioned with the “offensive” remarks made by Take Back Alberta’s founder, Eminence Grease The TBA’s chief financial officer has complained to the mainstream media that he has split with the UCP’s militant faction over the United Conservative Party’s board chairman.

Fort Macleod City Councilman Marco Van Huygenbos recently appeared in a column, notably in post-media political commentator Don Blade, calling TBA Supreme Chairman David Parker’s attack on Cynthia Moore “disgusting.” “Too lively,” he said.

Parker posted on social media On June 28, he called Mr Moore a “power-hungry tyrant” and “should be removed”. That night he returned to Twitter He ranted more about Moore. He yelled at, harassed, bullied, and belittled regular party volunteers in a witch hunt to find out who was behind Take Back Alberta. “

In response to all this, Van Huygenbos told a veteran columnist for the Calgary Herald, “This sucks… no one can support it.”

Appearing in Mr. Blade’s column was an interesting strategy for a key figure in a group not known for its high reputation for “liberal mainstream media.”there is nothing liberal about it Calgary HeraldOf course, but don’t worry about it for now.

When things get tough, I think corporate media is still the place where your words are most likely to get the most attention, especially if Facebook and Google are willing to help distribute your story.

Unexpected advocate for more civility in public debates faces two criminal mischief charges in connection with activities during Canada-US border convoy blockade in 2022 in Coutts It is the same Van Heugenbos who is doing. The RCMP claims he was a key participant in the blockade. He is scheduled to stand trial on April 2, 2024.

So is this the beginning of an attempt to reclaim Take Back Alberta (TBTBA)?

Sounds like it to me, but I guess we’ll have to see how things play out in the main drama subplot of who controls the United Conservative Party.

Since the TBA can be accurately described as both a movement and a society registered as a third-party election advertiser with the Alberta Elections Authority, it is a practical question as to who will continue to take the lead and what their aims will be. There are several

The Alberta election lists Parker as the primary contact for the Association to Take Back Alberta, and Van Heugenbos as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Blade described Mr. Parker as the CEO of TBA. Elsewhere he is listed as Executive Director of his TBA.

Whatever his title, Parker was never shy about what he thought.

He returned to social media shortly thereafter, sly counterattack In response to Van Heugenbosch’s criticism:

“I would like to thank @marco_huigenbos for his contribution to @takebackalberta and let everyone know that I am concerned about @DonBraid’s harsh words in his article.”

“To clarify Don’s article, Marco and I agreed several weeks ago, long before he publicly commented on Cynthia Moore, that he was stepping down,” Parker continued.

Well, Van Huigenbos’ explanation on that would be helpful too.

As for Parker’s tweet claiming that “this doesn’t represent any sort of division within Take Back Alberta,” should I say counterintuitive?

Meanwhile, there is a battle between the TBA (at least Parker) and the rest of the UCP Board of Jason Kenny supporters (including Moore) over who wins. reclaim UCP It will likely continue ahead of the ruling party annual meeting in Calgary on November 3 and 4. And, of course, right after that, at the shareholders’ meeting.

Pass the popcorn!

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