Supervisors support full military disability, retirement bills


FAIRFIELD — Solano County regulators agreed this week to send a letter in support of a federal bill that would allow combat-disabled veterans to receive full disability and retirement benefits, regardless of how many years of service they have served.

Current regulations allow full payment of both benefits only to veterans with 20 or more years of service.

The action was part of Tuesday’s legislative review. board:

• Vote NO on Congressional Bill 1168; The regulator said the bill would complicate contract negotiations with Medic Ambulance as sole service provider and hinder efforts to develop a countywide emergency medical dispatch program.
• Voted against SB/AB 120 imposing a 10% collective bargaining fine on home assistance services for non-agreement counties. Solano County is among the 53 counties in the agreement, but the board argued that this would complicate negotiations and take resources away from the very pool of funds they wanted to protect.

Among other measures, the supervisory authority also adopted a resolution to designate July 16-22 as Probation and Community Supervision Week.

Department members will discuss the theme of “Strength Together”, sharing best practices in juvenile and adult systems, programs that need second chances or, in some cases, change the lives of residents. and other opportunities to expand. some chances.

“By providing sustainable community security, probation seeks to reduce recidivism through evidence-based planning and supervision, and has a significant impact on community health and safety. , will help make our community safer and more prosperous for all residents of Solano County,” the resolution said.

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