Struggling with emailing prospects? Generative AI can help.

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Sounds simple. But writing prospect emails that actually reach your target is easier said than done.

The line between being too mass-produced and too casual is a difficult one to navigate. It may be filled with sales pitches from.

Catchlight CEO Wilbur Swan

catch light

This is a common challenge that Wilbur Swan wants to help wealth managers overcome.of Co-founder and CEO of CatchlightAn AI-powered survey data engine launched by Fidelity Labs Wealth Tech Incubatorthe goal is to help advisors better understand who their prospects are and which ones are most likely to seek paid financial advice.

So the Catchlight team had to work on optimizing the email lead process to lay the groundwork for their latest launch.

“For classic startup forms, we developed handwritten, templated emails. Dozens for advisors. Generative AI News started rolling in. Fidelity has a lot of early experience trying and testing these solutions. Now that we know what kind of emails and templates our advisors are looking for, these solutions are a perfect fit,” said Swan. financial planning.

“We started testing generative AI solutions to see if they could produce something as good, and hopefully better. It was okay, but it just got better and better as time went on.”

early this month, Catchlight Rolls Out Features This allows advisors to create their own AI-generated emails using information taken from a prospect’s profile to create unique, personalized emails for prospects. Advisors can make edits to go a step further or choose the option to generate a new email based on their purpose.

The technology that supports auto-generated emails is uniquely built for the financial advisor community, leveraging a proprietary translation layer and natural language processing model for 1:1 outreach launched by financial advisors It is intended only for creating campaigns.

This new technology represents an evolution of Catchlight’s support for personalized prospecting. launch almost a year ago.

Catchlight co-founder and head of product Yelena Melamed says advisors using Catchlight want more personalized lead content, but don’t have the time or teams to create it at scale. Very few people do.

“Our AI-generated emails allow advisors to do things that might have seemed impossible just a few years ago,” she said. “Automate personalized outreach, similar to thoughtful handwritten notes.”

According to Swan, Catchlight receives a high volume of direct feedback from users (advisors) looking for an easy way to connect to Catchlight prospect insights in order to establish concrete and actionable next steps. In response to a request, we developed this tool.

The tool also takes into consideration advisors who don’t have the time or ability to write these types of emails themselves.

“A lot of times what I hear from advisors is that they don’t have a lot of experience doing it. They felt they could use some suggestions. Or say, “I only have 50 minutes to write.” Automate it so at least I can get started on something. There is… so we are a good fit for that, often they are seeing if there is an easier way to talk to prospects and prospects on a more regular basis. leads, you get good results from all of them.”

Swan added that it’s an exciting time to create this kind of solution for such a group of users.of Strong industry interest in solutions powered by artificial intelligence This means that feedback from advisors looking to put it into practice is plentiful and readily available.

The nature of generative AI means that once we have feedback, we can weave it into AI-powered tools and push improved software rapidly.

So no more enduring long gaps between patches for your favorite software to get that game-changing update.

“We’ve always released quickly, but we’re getting faster and faster based on what’s available in the space from some of these generative AI solutions to releasing upgrades every day,” Swan said. says Mr. “Fortunately, the feedback flywheel is flexible enough to spin super fast.”

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