Stop Hypocrisy in Fiscal Bill: Ruto Allies Tell Opposition


Kenyan Kwanzaa political leaders elected by Uasin Gishu have rebuked opposition lawmakers for what they call hypocrites for their attitude towards the finance bill due to be tabled in parliament next week.

Governor Jonathan Bee, Senator Jackson Mundago, Professor Phyllis Bartout (Moiben) and Rep. Julius Rutt (Moiben) said the bill is good for the country as it aims to expand the nation’s revenue base. rice field.

“Even in the Bible we command that what belongs to Caesar should be given to Caesar, and what is his to God. because we need funding,” said Gov.

He was one of the leaders who attended the ACK St Stephen’s Oasis Thanksgiving and fundraiser in Eldoret on Sunday.

“As Kenyans, we should support the government to ensure adequate service delivery,” said Governor Uasin Gish.

“Each government has a development policy, which usually needs to be funded through taxes. Kenya’s Kwanza government is no different from previous governments that introduced various tax regimes to meet their development agenda.” said he.

Governor Bii called on Kenyans to embrace the passage of the much-controversial bill, saying it was in the country’s best interest and would help the government alleviate the current high cost of living.

Senator Mandago said those leading the opposition to the bill are members of the government and know how the bill will operate.

“All the leaders we see shooting guns against the fiscal bill were advocating for affordable housing in the 2022 general election campaign. We oppose everything that the Kenyan Kwanzaa government is doing now.We should not risk the lives of Kenyans in politics,” the senator said.

Mandago said those who oppose the fiscal bill do not want President William Ruto to succeed in his development policies and are using propaganda to distract the administration.

“Azimio leader Laila Odinga and her brigade are recorded as advocating for the implementation of an affordable housing system. It demonizes the government simply because it doesn’t,” he said.

“I want to tell Kenyans to give the government time to benefit and change the country for the better,” Mandago said.

He said the government only requires prudent spending and that those found to have misappropriated public funds should take full legal action.

Professor Bartoo said the country was on the brink of bankruptcy and the finance bill was the only solution.

“As Kenyans, we are facing a debt crisis and the borrowing ceiling has been severely hit. she said.

“Without money, we cannot ask for better services and development in this country,” she said.

Meanwhile, Finance Committee member Keseth said the team had received a number of recommendations from Kenyans on the finance bill and would submit a report to parliament.

“It is always difficult to make decisions that bring about change, and the proposed bill is one such difficult resolution by President Ruto. helps manage,” he said.

He said opponents of the bill focus only on the housing tax, but the bill contains many tax exemptions that make life affordable.

“As a country, the more we borrow, the more we lose. Told.

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