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Basseterre, Saint Christopher, June 13, 2023 (ZIZ Newsroom):Firefighting technology has advanced by leaps and bounds.

This is according to Fire Branch Officer (FSO) Timothy Martin, who appeared on ZIZ Radio’s program “Fire Talk” on Tuesday (June 13, 2023).

Fire Department Officer Timothy Martin

He was talking about technological advances that have enhanced the tools fire and rescue personnel use to perform their duties.

FSO Martin spoke about modernizing the fire trucks in use, saying they are now more computer-based.

“Our fire trucks are more modern, they’re more computer-based, they’re not just stick-shifting. They’re more computerized,” he said. It’s the side.”

He added that there were also technical improvements in the ventilator (BA set).

Respirator (BA set)

“See also the BA set (breather). It wasn’t as simple as it was back then, with just high and low pressure hoses and a bell. You will see lights and indicators showing different levels of air in your oxygen tank.”

FSO Martin also noted how the enhanced BA set could save firefighter lives.

“If a firefighter walks into a building and for some reason goes down and no one realizes they’re down, the firefighter just stays there, even if someone says ‘I didn’t see Mr. Martin. Or someone happened to walk by and saw him.Nowadays, BA sets are equipped with an alarm that will go off if the firefighter does not move within a certain amount of time.This is one of the most annoying alarms. One, so if a firefighter hears that noise, he definitely knows something is wrong with one of my colleagues, and he needs to go and check on him.”

“Fire Talk” airs every Tuesday at 9:30 am on ZIZ Radio in the “Morning Show” with GCue.

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