St. Cloud VA Healthcare System Director Announces Retirement


(KNSI) — The director of St. Cloud VA Healthcare Systems has announced his retirement.

“After more than 20 years in Virginia, several years in private sector manufacturing, and almost 10 years in the U.S. Air Force, it’s time to put family first,” Brent Sellen said in a statement.

Selene is a United States Air Force veteran who served from May 1983 to August 1992 as a forward satellite/digital communications engineer and non-commissioned officer.

Selene has been with St. Cloud’s Department of Veterans Affairs since September 2019. During his tenure, he provided leadership and strategic guidance to a healthcare system with 388 multidisciplinary beds providing psychiatric, general medicine and extended care care. “We are focused on positioning St. Cloud VA for transformation, enabling our employees to focus on continuous improvement towards our overall goal of ensuring high reliability in the safe delivery of healthcare,” he said. We focused on establishing a lean management system.”

Selene was also at the helm during the COVID-19 pandemic. “When I arrived here in September 2019, I wanted to continue our commitment to high reliability in our organization. I never thought it would drain our lives, but the hard work and dedication of our team has made it possible to continue providing excellent care to our veterans in the face of the pandemic, and to continue to provide them with the highest level of trust. We have made significant strides in our commitment to sexuality and our Saint Cloud management system,” he said.

Selene will retire on September 29th. An acting director has not yet been appointed.


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