Somerset-level ‘psychedelic hemp’ festival can go on despite fears of ‘public nuisance’

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A vegan spring festival can be held next month after city councilors rule that all is well with its license.

Alexander Orion, one-third of the Folk Trio Moebius Loop, is the organizer of the Hempreidemption Spring Festival, which runs May 12-14. The Somerset Council’s Licensing Subcommittee North met Wednesday morning (19 April) in Bridgewater to allow the event to continue after the environmental protection team voiced concerns about noise and “public nuisance”. decided whether

However, the councilors ultimately voted that enough new information was provided to allow the event to proceed safely and peacefully. , held at Avalon Abbey in the village of Chilton Polden.

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Its official website describes the three-day event as “a weekend of hypnotic events within the grounds of this stunning castle.” The solar-powered Hemp Redemption Stage hosts a variety of “live folk, fusion, psychedelic and mantra music” throughout the festival, including group jamming sessions, poetry readings, hemp spinning and weaving, and a sauna. , gypsy market.

The festival prides itself on being ‘100% vegan’ and family friendly. Children under the age of 4 are admitted free and alcohol is not served at the venue. However, the council’s environmental protection officer, Mark Shipley, has filed a formal complaint against the Temporary Event Notice (TEN) issued to allow the festival to proceed.

In his address to the subcommittee on Wednesday (19 April), he said: It is held without disturbing the nearest residential facility or the occupants of the monastery (this is a licensed house with multiple residents).

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