Search continues for missing Titanic submarine as officials worry about lack of oxygen

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June 22, 2023 at 8:53 AM ET

Titan submersible ‘designed to revive’ after 24 hours, investor says

From Emma Tucker on CNN

Undated photo of the Oceangate Titan submarine.

From Ocean Gate/FILE

The Titan submersible, which went missing en route to the Titanic sinking, was designed to surface after 24 hours, according to Oceangate investor Aaron Newman, who visited the site on the Titanic in 2021. It is said that

The Titan is held underwater by ballast, a heavy weight that helps stabilize the ship, and is designed to automatically release after 24 hours to send the submarine to the surface, Neumann said.

“It’s designed to go back,” he told CNN.

Crew members are said to be able to rock the ship to release ballast and use pneumatic pumps to remove weights, Newman said. If all else fails, the lines holding the ballast in place are designed to break apart after 24 hours and automatically send the ballast back to the surface, he said.

The Titan’s thrusters are powered by an external electrical system, while internal systems power communications and heaters, Newman said.

Separately, Discovery Channel host Josh Gates, who took a test dive on Titan in 2021, learned that year that there are four ways to reduce the weight of Titan and bring it back to the surface in an emergency. said. .

These include a computer-controlled weight release, a manual valve system to inject air into the external ballast container, a hydraulic system to drop the weight, and the ability to remove the weight from a sled attached to the submarine and return the vessel to the surface.

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