Retired Indiana couple feeds tornado victims in Arkansas


LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — It’s been almost a month since a tornado devastated Little Rock and parts of the surrounding area.

Volunteers continue to work hard to ensure that those affected are not forgotten.

A couple in Indiana actively supports people in the state of nature.

Julie and Butch Bauer have been married for 57 years, and although they are now retired, they have no plans to loosen up on their marriage.

They were Red Cross volunteers and traveled across state lines to help with relief efforts.

They have been in Arkansas for about a week and are helping distribute food.

On Monday, they stopped at Cracker Barrel and loaded the truck with chicken, hash browns and fried apples.

“We have a camper full of some kind of meat, some vegetables, rolls, utensils, and we’re packing them all up in boxes,” Julie said.

Volunteering is something the two have been doing for a long time. Julie has been a Red Cross volunteer for years, and she remembers the first time she helped a victim after Hurricane Katrina.

She said she then started taking Butch to volunteer as well.

They continued to travel around the country, helping those who needed it most, and explained that they weren’t going to stop anytime soon.

“Sometimes it can bring tears to your eyes…you see people who are really in pain. I think it makes them feel better,” Butch said.

Since Tornado Day on March 31, the Red Cross has provided more than 25,000 meals to tornado victims in Arkansas.

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