Resources Investment Advisors LLC Makes Strategic Investment in First Trust Low Duration Strategic Focus ETF

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In a recent 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Resources Investment Advisors LLC. disclosed that it had purchased a new position in shares of the First Trust Low Duration Strategic Focus ETF (NASDAQ: LDSF). The company reportedly acquired 11,000 shares in the company in the fourth quarter and now owns 0.10% of the low-duration ETF.

However, Resources Investment Advisors LLC. may be a new entrant to the space, but they certainly have a presence with this large investment. It’s no secret that ETFs continue to grow in popularity as more investors are drawn to these diverse investment vehicles. With a short duration strategic focus, the First Trust Low Duration Strategic Focus ETF is poised to capitalize on this trend, offering investors attractive yields while reducing their exposure to interest rate risk.

Given Resources Investment Advisors LLC’s reputation for investing cautiously and strategically, one can only imagine what opportunities they foresee in the low-duration ETF space. Their decision to acquire a significant stake in the First Trust Low Duration Strategic Focus ETF speaks volumes about both the potential returns of such an investment and the continued growth of ETFs in general.

This latest development emphasizes the importance of keeping abreast of market trends and acting proactively when making investments. This looks like Resources Investment Advisors LLC excels. By keeping abreast of the pulse of new opportunities like this, they have already established themselves as a force to be reckoned with among some investors.

Should other investors follow suit and follow Resource Investment Advisor LLC’s example? It is unclear whether similar investments will be wise or successful for all investors. After all, each investor has their own goals and risk tolerance level. But looking at these market dynamics and looking beyond traditional investment models and methods has prompted some investors to explore innovations such as the First Trust Low Duration Strategic Focus ETF and other cutting-edge investment vehicles. You may be able to achieve success with a product that is unique to you.

Institutional Investors Show Interest in First Trust Low Duration Strategic Focus ETF

In recent months, some institutional investors have significantly changed their positions in the First Trust Low Duration Strategic Focus ETF (LDSF). For example, Mach 1 Financial Group LLC acquired new shares in funds worth approximately $26,000 in the third quarter. Meanwhile, US-based UBS Group AG bought about $29,000 worth of shares in the first quarter of this year. Creative Financial Designs Inc. ADV also owns over 22% of his shares and owns over 4,500 of his shares worth approximately $83,000.

Private Trust Co. NA increased its stock by 43% in the third quarter of last year and now owns over 5,000 shares worth approximately $93,000. Meanwhile, BlackDiamond Wealth Management Inc recently acquired new shares worth nearly $200,000.

Given the flurry of activity surrounding the fund since its launch on January 3, 2019, it certainly appears to be gaining interest among investors.

A few readings from the LDSF show that it opened at $18.61 on the NASDAQ on Monday. In terms of moving averages, his 50-day average for the fund is $18.63 and his 200-day average is $18.61. The fund’s 12-month high was $19.30 and its low was $18.12.

As an exchange-traded fund involved in broad credit fixed income investments, LDSF invests primarily in US-based short-term issuers. The actively managed nature of the fund is unique and provides new opportunities for growth and diversification within an investor’s portfolio. So, if you’re looking to invest in fixed income securities, the First Trust Low Duration Strategic Focus ETF is definitely something to watch.

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