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Resource Investment Advisors LLC. According to documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Johnson & Johnson’s stock holdings surged by 90.7% in the fourth quarter. The company currently owns 72,383 shares, adding another 34,423 shares in the previous quarter. Resources Investment Advisors LLC’s investments are valued at $12,786,000 as of the latest filing. Additionally, Johnson & Johnson recently announced that it will pay a quarterly dividend on Tuesday, June 6th. Shareholders registered on May 23 will be paid $1.19 per share from the total annual dividend of $4.76 and his 2.91% yield. However, investors have been informed that the ex-dividend date is his Monday, May 22, which could affect the share price in preparation for the payment.

Equity research analysts such as Morgan Stanley gave Johnson & Johnson an “equal-weighted” rating after raising its price target from $179 to $183, while others such as UBS Group We’re more skeptical about JNJ’s growth potential and classified it as Neutral on our price target. It is set at $164 per share.

But despite this seemingly divided opinion, Raymond James believes JNJ’s positive performance lifts the rating from ‘Market Performing’ to ‘Outperforming’, and it’s growing from pharmaceuticals to babies. optimistic about lowering the company’s target outlook price target from $185 to $181 per share for products up to . talcum powder. has raised its criteria for classifying JNJ stock as a “strong buy,” saying its detailed stock analysis shows no current weaknesses in Johnson & Johnson’s brand management or future growth potential. I am adding to We are very optimistic about the company’s financial future, including earnings growth, strong share price performance, impressive record earnings per share growth and attractive net income growth. ”

However, forecasting firm SVB Leerink lowered its outlook to $186 from $194.

In summary, rates Johnson & Johnson stock as a “moderate buy” with an average consensus price target of $173. With 7 hold ratings (neutral opinion), 6 buy ratings, and 1 very strong buy rating, investing in Johnson & Johnson stock can be a success for many investors.

As Hedge Funds and Institutions Buy and Sell Stocks, Investors Focus on Johnson & Johnson

Investor attention has turned to Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) as many hedge funds and institutional investors have bought and sold the stock, according to the latest financial report. Individuals such as Glassy Mountain Advisors Inc., Retirement Financial Solutions LLC, TD Capital Management LLC, VitalStone Financial LLC, and Iron Horse Wealth Management LLC saw opportunities internally in the fourth quarter. Iron Horse alone is up 112.8% and he now owns 300 shares worth $53,000. It is worth noting that an institutional investor owns his 67.94% of J&J’s shares.

The company has a market capitalization of a whopping $426.27 billion and is expected to generate earnings per share (EPS) of 10.67 in 2021. He overcame last year’s slump in customer behavior due to the impact of Covid-19, and the healthcare giant recently posted his impressive first-quarter EPS. $2.68 against the consensus estimate of $2.51. First quarter 2020 EPS was $2.67 per share.

In addition, J&J’s higher-than-average dividend yield attracted more investors in Q4, with dividends increasing by more than 50% from Q3 to Q4, from $1.13 to $1.19. If the record standard is met, this quarterly dividend will be paid to shareholders beginning Tuesday, June 6, equating to an annual dividend of approximately $4.76 per share.

It is currently trading heavily at around $163 per share amid media speculation about the impact on staff morale following the recent recall of one batch of pre-distribution coronavirus vaccine batches. main index.

Insiders are reporting that James D Swanson has sold. He recently had an average price per share of his $154.66 and a total profit on sale of $164,248.92.

J&J shareholders appear to be in a stable position as the company organically eases through uncertain scenarios such as vaccine recalls, in addition to fluid political regulatory factors and broader industry developments. . However, a consistent dividend track record is a positive attribute that continues to attract market demand and has a positive impact on JNJ’s shareholder value.

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