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May 16, 2023

Washington DC –Senate Finance Committee Senior Member Mike Crapo (Republican, Idaho) launches pilot project to turn Internal Revenue Service (IRS) into tax preparer, collector and enforcer Following the announcement of the plans, the company released the following statement:

“Having the IRS act as a tax preparer, tax collector and tax enforcer creates a significant conflict of interest, incurs billions of dollars in development costs, and exposes more taxpayer information to misuse or misuse. This will provide yet another IRS window for hackers and identity thieves.” Exploit. Despite the fact that tax preparers provide tens of millions of free returns annually and provide taxpayers with a fully functional Free File program at virtually no cost, the federal government is using software tax preparers. Entering a business is an unnecessary expense that only increases profits. -Lack of control. There are also serious questions about whether the IRS has the legal authority to implement such programs without congressional approval. ”

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