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We have all seen research and data pointing to the ongoing economic struggles facing many Americans, especially those in low-income communities. It is out of control and comes with a huge financial burden. You need access to sound financial planning advice that only a financial planner can provide.

As someone who has volunteered for years to make financial planning more accessible through pro bono advice, the work has been of great value, not only to the people I have helped, but to me as well. I know there is Providing time and guidance has made me a better financial planner. Method is as follows.

It broadens knowledge in other areas. When serving individuals and families facing a variety of challenges, we need a better understanding of issues that traditional client relationships fail to address. From basic financial issues such as credit and debt to helping people deal with the financial loss of serious medical diagnoses, volunteering as a pro bono financial planner can help people in underserved communities. have to consider the many problems facing

It sharpens your relationship skills. Many professions, such as financial planning, require professionals to develop finely tuned relational competencies to help people effectively solve their financial challenges. Few issues are more stressful and emotional than financial wellbeing. In short, financial planners need to improve their ability to build trust, which is central to the profession. Working with individuals and families facing financial difficulties allows me to hone my emotional intelligence and build relationships with all my clients.

It helps you focus on your personal passions. Everyone can benefit from sound financial advice from a qualified and competent financial planner, so you have the opportunity to focus your volunteer work on the people who resonate most with you. Are you interested in helping veterans and active duty military? Would you like to work with families impacted by a cancer diagnosis? Or provide financial counseling to widows and women coping with domestic violence? There are several pro bono programs that can focus on the specific interests you have.

It elevates financial planning professionals. The foundation of any profession is the willingness of its members to use their knowledge and skills to improve the lives of others. The medical and legal professions are excellent examples of the role pro bono work has played in enhancing the respect it has enjoyed over the centuries. As we work to establish financial planning as the next great profession, the volunteer work we do as a community will advance the profession and elevate the status of all financial planners.

It is a pleasure to help others. It just feels good to do the right thing for others. Being able to reach out to someone who is struggling to cope with even the most basic financial challenges will make them feel better, and so will you. The satisfaction you feel makes your life and work better.

that’s just correct. Martin Luther King Jr. once said: When it comes to pro bono financial planning, it’s simply right. Many people facing financial hardship are unable to take advantage of the advice a qualified financial her planner can provide. By increasing access to underserved communities, we expand our reach and unleash the transformative power that financial planning offers, while empowering people to feel more confident about their financial situation. give

Ready to do the right thing? If so, we encourage you to explore the many avenues available to begin offering pro bono financial planning. Explore the opportunities available through the Financial Planning Association or the Foundation for Financial Planning.

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