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Published April 18, 2023

Denver, Colorado, USA – April 18, 2023 – 2022 RiseUp Conference Host Jasmine Rice Teams Up with 2022 Mrs2Me Summit Co-Organizers Catherine Shanahan and Karen Chellew for Ultimate Women’s Weekend to Empower Women Titled The Power of Me Summit To do. Celebrate where you’ve been, where you’ve been, and where you’re going with a weekend built to inspire and empower women as they navigate life’s transitions.

The Power of Me Summit will be held October 20-22, 2023 in Denver, Colorado to bring together women from all walks of life to inspire and empower them as they transform themselves through life transitions. focus. Through expert conversations, storytelling, self-actualization and redesign, participants regain a sense of purpose, drive and power. With her more than 200 attendees at the Mrs2Me Summit and her RiseUp conference, guests benefited from new friendships, connections, and inspiration as they turned the pages of new chapters in their lives.

“Women can face many emotions when navigating difficult life transitions: divorce, heartbreak, job loss, empty nest syndrome, and even moving to a city no one knows about.” Rice said, host of the 2022 RiseUp conference. “Hundreds of thousands of women around the world are feeling the numbing effects on how to move forward after experiencing major life changes.”

The Power of Me Summit helps you find fire in your soul and grace in your heart.

A collaboration between The RiseUp Conference and The Mrs2Me Summit, The Power of Me Summit will harness the collective wisdom and energy of the organizers, inspirational speakers and experts. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in open and meaningful conversations in a safe and empowering space.

“Empowering women at every stage of life is a cause close to my heart,” Rice added. It’s important to have a community that cares about you, and that’s why I’m grateful to be here at this conference where we can all come together and navigate these journeys together.”

No matter what life change you are facing, there are many others on the same journey.The Power of Me Summit will motivate, inspire and transform you. Your general admission ticket includes a welcome reception, continental breakfast, lunch, and a cocktail reception on Fridays. Your VIP ticket includes everything from general admission plus a VIP cocktail mixer, meet and greets with hosts and speakers, VIP gifts, lounge area, premier seating and more.

Buy your tickets at https://goodthingsaregonnacome.com/power-of-me-2023.

About hosts

About Katherine Shanahan:

After working in the financial industry for 25 years, raising five children and enduring her own divorce, Katherine became a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and trained as a Mediator and Daily Money Manager (PDMM). rice field. Katherine is co-trained and was a member of the Bucks County Joint Legal Group. She is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM), the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, and the Association of Divorce Financial Planners (ADFP) . Katherine is dedicated to helping her clients understand and navigate all aspects of divorce, including planning for a secure financial future after divorce.

About Jasmine Rice:

Jasmine Rice is a seasoned Transformational Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and best-selling author dedicated to helping individuals and businesses navigate life transitions, change mindsets, and reach their full potential. Dedicated. As the founder of Good Things Are Gonna Come, LLC, Jasmine has created an integrated coaching her business and a coordinated community that fosters transformation and personal growth. Jasmine’s non-profit background and her NLP expertise enable her to create a supportive and stimulating environment for her clients. She is passionate about helping others change their minds, become more resilient, and reach their goals. From one-on-one coaching sessions to keynotes, Jasmine’s extensive event experience and powerful coaching Her workshops and retreats have helped countless people live their best lives.

About Karen Cherew:

For over 30 years, Karen has worked in the legal field as a paralegal and business manager. During her career, she was an affiliate member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and served as president-elect of the ALA (Association of Legal Administrators). Karen currently serves clients and professional teams as a legal liaison. She is an affiliated member of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Dispute Resolution Board, a certified QDRO administrator, founder and president of the Sisters U Foundation, and East She is also an auditor for Rock Hill Township. . As a mother of three children and her one granddaughter, Karen is passionate about helping women in all ways.

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