Pickleball injuries could cost Americans nearly $400 million this year, according to UBS

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An anonymous reader shared the report. Earlier this month, shares of major health insurers tumbled after UnitedHealth Group warned that health care utilization was rising. The company said in a conference call that hip replacements, knee surgeries and other elective surgeries are being performed at a faster pace than expected. In a new memo released Monday, analysts at UBS Group AG, led by Andrew Mok, put forward a startling theory about pickleball, one factor that may be accelerating the pace of injury growth. are doing.

As we all know, racquet gaming has become a booming (and sometimes controversial) sport and business. And according to UBS, “picklers” are not only competing with the general public for use of parks and courthouse spaces, they are also driving up occupancy rates and costs in medical facilities. The company estimates that in 2023, the costs attributed to Pickles’ injuries will rise from $250 million to $500 million. So how did we come up with this number? First, the number of participants is huge and accelerating, proving that the growth is absolutely enormous. This year the number of players he is expected to grow by 150% to reach 22.3 million. Of that 22.3 million, UBS estimates that seniors make up about a third of the “core players,” players who play eight or more times a year. Pickleball players’ incomes also tend to be skewed (almost half earn more than $100,000 a year).

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