Pharos Working Group advocates for Greek revitalization in Australia

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The Pharos Working Group recently met with Education Minister Natalie Hutchins MP to discuss the Modern Greek Strategic Plan for revitalizing Greek in Victoria, the progress of the Pharos Subcommittee and the outlook for Pharos over the next two years. Adjust your work.

Pharos is a diverse group of members of the Greek-Australian community and is supported by all relevant stakeholders, including language advocacy groups from other states and Victorian communities like VietSpeak.

During the conference, Theo Marcos will discuss the challenges public schools face in offering Greek language programs at the primary and secondary levels, the ongoing support of parent networks, the need for qualified language teachers, and secondments from Greece. Cost of living pressures for educators and the potential need to revisit existing memorandums of understanding on education between the governments of Victoria and Greece.

“Including the recent success of one of the Pharos subcommittees securing state government funding for a multicultural storytime in a local library, significant importance among language education at all levels (from pre-primary to higher education). The Ministers expressed great interest in the work Pharos is carrying out and pledged to continue discussions with Pharos on the strategic plan and the revitalization of Greece. We are looking forward to it.” said Anita Kolaitis, Theo Markos and Stephie Nikoloudis, Pharos Board of Directors.

In addition, Dr. Stephie Nikoloudis notes that a detailed strategic plan, prepared under the guidance of Professor Emeritus Joe Lo Bianco, will ensure the teaching of Greek and its continued use in Australia beyond the classroom. emphasized that it is intended

The campaign that secured the continuation of La Trobe University’s Greek Studies program received broad support from individuals of both Greek and non-Greek backgrounds who value and support a multicultural and multilingual Australia.

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