Perspective has acquired 4 companies, with 7 more in development

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Perspective Financial Group has acquired four more advisory firms, bringing the group’s total acquisitions to 12 so far this year.

This is comparable to the number of acquisitions made in 2022 as a whole.

Since its inception 16 years ago, the company has completed a total of 67 acquisitions and now has 31 offices across the UK, 110 financial planners and a total staff of 410 people.

The four acquisitions are: Brighter Financial Services of Halifax. Airedale Personal Financial Solutions in Buckinghamshire. Granite Coast in Cambridge and Brigham Wealth Management LLP in Harrogate.

Ross McFadine, Director of Brightar Financial Services, said:

“This gives us long-term peace of mind in our commitment to providing financial advice to our clients, career stability for our staff, and maintaining and growing our offices in the region.”

He said one of the positive elements of the acquisition was access to the Perspective Academy, which not only helps client banks grow, but also ensures the company has a strong future.

Norman Foley, Director of Airedale Personal Financial Solutions, said: “As we approach retirement ourselves, attention is being turned to succession planning to ensure future continuity of service to all our valued and loyal customers.”

“They clearly share our philosophy, ethics and client-focused approach, so we are delighted to be part of Perspective.”

The four companies add another 1,100 households as clients, bringing assets under management to £310m.

David Brigham, Managing Partner of Brigham Wealth Management LLP, said: regulation. “

Perspective said elsewhere that it has signed seven more deals and expects to complete them in the coming months.

Ian Wilkinson, CEO of Perspective, said: “We have one of the largest acquisition pipelines to date, both large and small, and we continue to enjoy the opportunity to continue to grow further in size and pace.

“We are delighted to announce that we have officially become a Carbon Neutral Company and have been certified as UK Carbon Neutral.

“We have committed to strategies to reduce our carbon footprint and are fully committed to doing our part to create a better world.”

In March, the Perspective Financial Group acquired three companies, adding a further 760 households as clients and £515m of assets under management to the group.

The firm acquired Huddersfield’s HNH Financial Services, Cardiff’s Gould Financial Planning and Whitstable’s Financial Choice.

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