Permanent adalat at LSGD for grievances

Sub Levels

It is the right of every citizen to receive timely services from the government, said Local Government Minister MB Rajesh.

He was speaking here Wednesday after launching the local government’s permanent Adalat Mechanism web portal.

The minister said the department has received a lot of complaints as it is the one that has the most connections with people. However, there was no permanent mechanism to dispose of these at their respective levels. There were now permanent Adalats in place at the subdistrict, district and provincial levels.

In the past, the only way to get rid of grievances was the occasional Adalat. However, it was difficult to resolve many complaints in this manner. Under the new permanent mechanism, Adalat will have to convene every 10 days at sub-district level, 15 days at district level and once a month at provincial level, the minister said.

Only complaints that cannot be addressed at the lowest level should be referred to a higher level alert. The first meeting of the permanent adalat committee must be convened by May 20, the second anniversary of the state government, Rajesh said.

He said the portal should be fully operational by May 10.

Permanent ADALAT mechanism increases departmental efficiency. This helps them focus on important responsibilities such as waste management and local resource mobilization.

Sarada Muralidharan, additional chief secretary of the local government, presided over the function.

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