Parallel Advisors LLC positions up 101.1%, showing strong confidence in National Grid plc

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Parallel Advisors LLC shows strong confidence in National Grid plc with 101.1% position increase

As the world recognizes the need for environmentally sustainable energy options, utility companies like National Grid plc (NYSE:NGG) are gaining greater prominence within investment portfolios. . Parallel Advisors LLC recently demonstrated its confidence in NGG by purchasing an additional 1,652 of his shares in Q4 2020, increasing his position at NGG by 101.1%. The move is certainly significant and reflects institutional investors’ belief in his NGG’s ability to deliver promising returns to investors.

According to recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Parallel Advisors LLC now owns approximately 3,286 shares of National Grid, a significant increase from its previous holding position. As seasoned financial advisors adept at identifying companies that demonstrate long-term growth potential and stability, it’s no surprise that they make this strategic acquisition strategically.

It is important to note that, as of a recent filing with the SEC, Parallel Advisors LLC valued NGG’s holdings at $198,000. Economic times such as those predicted by economists around the world in light of the lingering challenges caused by Covid19.

National Grid has always sought to meet the needs of society while aligning its purpose with environmental and social responsibility. This positioning will allow us to operate sustainably while continuing to function efficiently during uncertain times amidst a global economic downturn that puts global liquidity conditions at risk. We are accountable. The robustness of the system’s metrics and management approach proves both the necessary accountability characteristics sought by identifiable investors seeking stability amid unfavorable market volatility.

The fact that Parallel Advisors LLC has made a significant investment in National Grid is a strong vote of confidence that leading financial experts are bullish about National Grid’s long-term prospects. This newcomer could become a key player within the energy sector as a formidable investment vehicle for those looking to gain exposure to international markets that will provide valuable returns over the years. These smart institutional investors are making smart decisions that help the National Grid buck trends in difficult times and provide stable investments that are good for growth amid volatile economic uncertainty. It suggests that it could very well be one of the utility companies emerging as an opportunity.

National Grid: A Powerful Choice for Institutional Investors Focusing on Sustainability

National Grid: A Sound Investment Option for Institutional Investors

National Grid Plc is a leader in gas and power transmission and distribution in the United Kingdom, New England and New York. The company is committed to safe and reliable delivery, constantly looking for energy solutions that promote sustainable practices. National Grid’s track record of stability and forward-looking approach make it a sound investment option for institutional investors.

Several institutional investors and hedge funds have recently bought and sold shares in National Grid (NGG), indicating growing confidence in the market. Retirement Financial Solutions LLC purchased new shares in National Grid worth approximately $26,000 in the fourth quarter of 2019, and AXA SA and Guardian Wealth Advisors LLC each took positions worth $27,000. In addition, Ellevest Inc increased his shareholding by more than 1,000% to 432 shares during the same period.

An increase in NGG’s shareholding is also attractive given analyst ratings for the stock. Morgan Stanley rated the stock from ‘Equal Weight’ to ‘Overweight’ and JPMorgan Chase raised its price target from GBX 1,150 ($14.36) to GBX 1,275 ($15.92). With an average Bloomberg rating of ‘moderate buy’ and an expected consensus price target averaging about $1,173.75 per share, NGG remains a solid investment option.

National Grid operates in five segments, including UK Electric Transmission, which is the main focus area for high voltage transmission networks covering England and Wales. The company’s strong position in these markets allows it to capitalize on the ever-increasing demand for electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as wind turbines.

In addition to the impressive performance metrics associated with its operating framework model, National Grid has reduced its environmental impact as part of its larger corporate responsibility mandates, which are positively reflected in the user community surrounding the NG market. Our commitment to do so should excite our stakeholders.

In conclusion, US and UK investment decision makers should consider NGG as a potential core or supplemental investment due to its stable performance, focus on sustainability efforts and positive regulatory outlook. I have. National Grid remains a stable yet dynamic operator in the gas and transmission sectors, poised to deliver long-term capital growth to investors.

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