OceanGate Sub-Pilot Recruitment Causes Backlash on TikTok

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A job ad posted by the company that operated the doomed Titanic, a submersible that sank in the Atlantic Ocean last week, sparked a backlash on social media.

TikTok users are blaming the removal of job postings by troubled Oceangate Expeditions following the tragedy that killed all five passengers. According to an ad posted on the company’s website and on his Indeed, OceanGate was recruiting applicants for the sub-pilot position.

The company has an “urgent recruitment” and is seeking dedicated personnel with “a combination of strong mechanical and interpersonal skills”, experience operating submarines and boats, and operating the complex systems that support subsea operations. said there is. insider report. Among other requirements, applicants were required to be comfortable in confined spaces and to be able to pass through a 28-inch diameter ring.

Oceangate has hosted tours to the Azores in Portugal and the Bahamas as well as the Titanic wreck. According to the company’s website, one pilot, one “content expert” and three mission specialists—meaning no-experience paying passengers—attended all dives.

The post was removed at some point on Friday, the day after the U.S. Coast Guard confirmed that a ship’s room had been found on the ocean floor 1,600 feet from the Titanic wreck, but an infuriated detective criticized the timing. It didn’t catch their eye.

“Remember when people were saying, ‘Don’t kill yourself to get another job in two weeks’?” one user commented on TikTok, while another said, “That was a scheduled post. That’s how our job engine works…”

It’s unclear when the job posting went up, but it was likely long before the Oceangate submarine disappeared and made international headlines. But TikTok users argued that the company should have been careful enough to remove the post amid a frantic four-day search for the submarine.

CEO Stockton Rush, British billionaire Hamish Harding, French diver Paul-Henri Narjolet, Pakistani businessman Shazada Dawood and teenage son Suleman Rush at the Titan implosion. The announcement came amid reports that Oceangate had closed its Everett, Wash., headquarters following Dawood’s death.

The Oceangate leasing agency said in a statement: Seattle Times that the company would be closed indefinitely.

This photo courtesy of Oceangate Expeditions shows the submarine named Titan that was used to visit the wreck site (Oceangate Expeditions)

This photo courtesy of Oceangate Expeditions shows the submarine named Titan that was used to visit the wreck site (Oceangate Expeditions)

The U.S. Coast Guard said it was investigating the circumstances that led to the ship’s failure. Canadian officials also revealed Saturday that voices and commands between Titan and her mothership Polar Prince will be analyzed as part of the exploration.

Canadian Transportation Safety Board Chairman Kathy Fox said the mothership crew was interviewed to “collect information, including useful information, from the ship’s voyage data recorders and other ship systems,” according to CNN. Stated.

The inquiry comes after the BBC reported that an email from Mr Rush indicated he had dismissed safety concerns about the Titan submarine. In an exchange with deep-sea exploration expert Rob McCallum, Oceangate CEO said, “I’m sick and tired of industry players trying to stifle innovation with safety claims. there is,” he said.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit filed by a former Oceangate employee in 2018 new republic It cited “visible deficiencies” in the vessel that senior management reportedly ignored. Submarine experts also signed a letter expressing their “unanimous concern” over the company’s decision not to seek outside evaluations or tests before offloading passengers aboard the Titanic.

Independent has reached out to Oceangate for comment on the allegations.

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