Nisa Investment Advisors sells its stake in industrial products manufacturer Donaldson Company, Inc.

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In a bold move that marks a shift in market tide, investment firm Nisa Investment Advisors LLC has reportedly sold its 4.7% stake in industrial products maker Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE:DCI). Nisa now only owns 53,613 shares after selling 2,625 of his shares in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s latest disclosure. Donaldson was valued at $3,156,000 at the end of this period.

A number of research firms have commented on DCI’s recent performance, and issued a “strong buy” rating to DCI in mid-March. Last week, Morgan Stanley released his own findings. He raised DCI’s price target to $71.00 per share and raised DCI’s “Overweight” rating (currently $64.30 per share). This is further proof that despite significant divestments by prominent investors such as Nisa Investment Advisors LLC, other investors still see potential value in their holdings. Be part of this growing company.

With a market capitalization of around $7.8 billion, the current PE ratio is set at 22.33, the P/E/G ratio is 2.00, and the beta reaches an even more impressive 1.21. In the near future; if contrasts are made between investor groups and holdout groups that have been waiting for the expected price drop, we are more likely to see a positive move over the next few months or years. Indicative factors could dampen momentum – time will tell what course this interesting situation actually takes for shareholders and industry observers after April 25, 2023.

Considering all the factors involved, The Donaldson Company, Inc. has seen positive growth in its broad industrial product line, from filtration systems to compressed air purification systems, as the global economy continues to recover from COVID-19. looks poised to continue presenting its earnings and forward-looking outlook. 19 pandemics that rocked many industry segments in recent years. Investors are likely to give the company hawkish eyes as they see how it topples and slices among market leaders over the next few months.

Institutional investors and insiders move on Donaldson Company, Inc. as analysts issue strong buy ratings for industrial products leader

Industrial products leader Donaldson recently saw several institutional investors change positions in the company. AMG National Trust Bank increased its stake by 0.9%, Captrust Financial Advisors increased its stake by 7.1% and Pathstone Family Office increased its stake by 1.9%. In addition, Eads & Heald Wealth Management increased his position by 2.2% and Dean Investment Associates LLC increased its position by 1.0%. These institutional investors and hedge funds collectively hold his 80.10% of the stock.

The company also saw moves from insiders James Owens and Christopher M. Hilger, who sold and bought shares in March and April of this year, respectively. Owens sold his 10,800 shares at an average price of $66.08 for a total of $713,664, while Hilger bought his 3,186 shares at an average price of $62.76 per share.

Analysts are optimistic about Donaldson’s future prospects. recently issued a ‘strong buy’ rating for the company, and Morgan Stanley raised its price target from his $70.00 to $71.00 with an ‘overweight’ rating.

Donaldson’s first-quarter earnings beat analyst expectations at $0.75 versus consensus expectations of $0.69 for a net profit margin of 10.45%.

Finally, shareholders were delighted to receive their quarterly dividend on February 27th. This represents an annual dividend yield of 1.43%, reflecting Donaldson Company Inc.’s continued growth and stability. We aim to further expand into new markets other than industrial products.

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