Nisa Investment Advisors LLC sells 6.1% stake in Alexandria Real Estate Equities amid analyst review

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Nisa Investment Advisors LLC, a well-known investment firm, recently filed Form 13F with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), indicating that it sold 6.1% of its shares in Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. (NYSE:ARE). I’m here. ). The move by Nisa Investment Advisors LLC is seen as a wise financial decision as the real estate investment trust’s share price has steadily fallen from a record high of $203.39 to its current open price of $123.83 on Friday. It is done.

Interestingly, several analyst reports have recently been published regarding Alexandria Real Estate Equities. Renowned Wall Street analyst Robert W. Baird raised his price target on the stock from $162 to $174, giving him an “outperform” rating on February 2 this year. rice field. Another report comes from Mizuho, ​​which raised its target price for Alexandria Real Estate Equity shares to $180.00 from $178.00 on Feb. 13 with a “buy” rating.

However, some other analysts were less positive about the outlook for AREs. downgraded Alexandria Real Estate Equities stock from hold to sell on April 13 last year, and JMP Securities reiterated its buy recommendation in January with a price target of $180.

Despite these mixed reviews from analysts, the average rating given to ARE stock is “moderate buy” with an average price target of $172.63, based on data compiled by Bloomberg.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities has a current market capitalization of over $21 billion and a debt to equity ratio of 0.45. With both current and quick ratios of 0:35% respectively, the ability to pay debts could be adversely affected in the event of a sudden economic downturn, making it a risky investment for some traders looking for short-term gains. It will be a high investment.

In conclusion, given the current situation and analyst reports, investors who are patient and able to hold out for the long term may consider Alexandria Real Estate Equity to be an option in their investment portfolio. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic worldwide has had a significant impact on many commodities and financial instruments around the world, including ARE stocks, so if you are planning to invest in this stock, , we recommend that you seek professional financial advice.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities (ARE) stock volatility and favorable analyst report amid quarterly earnings and insider sales mix

Alexandria Real Estate Equities (NYSE: ARE) has seen a big move in its holdings, with several hedge funds recently changing their stakes in the company. Leading the way is Forsta AP Fonden, who increased its holdings by 8.1% in the fourth quarter and now owns 34,700 real estate investment trust shares worth $5,055,000. Other notable developments include a 4.2% stake increase in Legacy Wealth Asset Management LLC, a 14.4% increase in Ascent Wealth Partners’ stake, a 3.2% increase in ProShare Advisors LLC positions, and a 3.2% increase in Profund Advisors LLC’s portfolio. Includes a 4.6% increase. Overall, institutional investors and hedge funds now own nearly 90% of ARE shares.

On a separate note, insiders have been selling shares in the company in recent months, with shares sold totaling over $2.7 million in various deals. His EVP of ARE, Mark E. Binda, sold a total of 3,298 shares on his February 6th at an average of $167.21 per share, while the company’s director, Hunter Kass, sold a total of 3,803 shares for about $630,000. I sold it for $6,000.

Despite these moves and actions from both institutional investors and insiders, Alexandria Real Estate Equities has recently received positive reviews from various analyst reports, including Robert W. Baird and Mizuho. I was. Meanwhile, JMP Securities reiterated its Buy rating the same month with a price target of $180 per share.

ALEX’s recently released quarterly results lacked analyst consensus forecasts for earnings per share, but exceeded earnings expectations with more than 16% year-over-year growth. It also underperformed earnings expectations after reporting just $0.31, but the real estate investment trust is forecasting a strong fiscal year with an estimated earnings of $8.95 per share.

Additionally, ALEX also confirmed the recent announcement of last month’s quarterly dividend payment. This represents his $4.84 and his 3.91% yield on an annualized per share basis applicable to shareholders of record from March 31 to April 14.

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