Nisa Investment Advisors LLC increased its stake in Tyson Foods Inc by 3.9% in the final quarter of last year

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Nisa Investment Advisors LLC, known for its strength in the financial sector, recently raised its stake in Tyson Foods, Inc (NYSE:TSN) by 3.9%. This significant increase occurred in the final quarter of last year, and Nisa Investment Advisors LLC now owns 78,427 shares of Tyson Foods stock, according to recent Securities and Exchange Commission filings. This accumulation includes an additional 2,950 of his shares purchased by Nisa Investment Advisors LLC during this period. The current net worth of the entire portfolio managed by Nisa Investment Advisors LLC is $4.8 million in Tyson Foods.

A look at Tyson Foods’ business model itself helps to understand why Nisa Investment Advisors LLC sees it as an interesting investment option. Tyson Food’s Inc is renowned for producing frozen and chilled foods that are widely consumed around the world. The company’s segments include beef, pork, chicken, and prepared meals, allowing customers to experience a variety of products.

As the beef segment is responsible for processing live cattle and processing them into primal and sub-primal meat cuts with case-ready options that make it easy for consumers to take the product home without hassle, Very important among them all. .

NYSE Stocks: TSN opened Monday at $61.00 per share. Over the past 12 months, TSN hit a low of $55.81 and a high of $97.84. This shows how volatile market conditions have been for this company during this period.

But from late last year to now, despite this volatility in markets around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tyson Foods boasts its current ratio of 1.75 times. , managed to keep the debt-to-equity ratio as low as 0.40. Quick ratio 0.66 points. Additionally, last year’s data put the company’s net worth at an estimated $21.69 billion, with a P/E of 9.06%.

Overall, Nisa Investment Advisors LLC’s decision to invest in Tyson Foods Inc suggests that the company is a worthy choice for those seeking stability in volatile market conditions. It usually depends a lot on market conditions and trends. In conclusion, investment enthusiasts will do well by paying attention to resourceful financial advisors like Nisa Investment Advisors LLC. Nisa Investment Advisors LLC looks to financial market opportunities that can produce favorable results over time, as Tyson Foods Inc has done in the past.

Institutional investors and hedge funds increase investment in Tyson Foods Inc amid mixed earnings forecasts

Tyson Foods Inc, a leading manufacturer of frozen and refrigerated foods, has recently come under the spotlight due to the buying and selling of shares by institutional investors and hedge funds. According to the latest figures, his 66.64% of the company’s shares are now owned by these investors.

GHP Investment Advisors Inc increased its stake in Tyson Foods by 79.7% in the third quarter. CI Investments Inc and RFP Financial Group LLC each purchased approximately $25,000 worth of new stock in the fourth quarter.

Meanwhile, Guardian Wealth Advisors LLC and Cowa LLC each purchased approximately $31,000 worth of new stock in the third quarter.

These purchases come in parallel with a number of brokerages that publish reports on TSN, with Credit Suisse Group lowering its price target on the stock from $75.00 to $58.00, a research note was prepared this Tuesday. We then set a “Neutral” rating on the stock.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. also lowered its price target on Tyson Foods to $64.00 from $66.00, based on current analysis. This led to the stock’s overall average rating being labeled “Hold”, with one analyst giving it a buy rating.

Despite these discrepancies surrounding the projected numbers in Tyson Foods’ future earnings projections, the company remains optimistic about future results following its February financial report. $1.35 – However, revenue increased 2.5% year over year.

Additionally, Tyson Foods has declared a quarterly dividend of $0.48 per share next month. The shareholder received his payout on June 15 and is on record as a holding as of June 1, giving him an annual dividend yield of 3.15%.

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