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Updated by network statement: NewsNation Deadline inquiry about criticism of a running ‘oxygen counter’ the network displayed on-screen while covering the deployment tragedy of a submarine that went missing near the Titanic wreck yesterday answered.

A NewsNation spokesperson said:

Oxygen levels on the Titan submersible have always been an integral and important part of this story. As the search continues, multiple media outlets have published or aired articles tracking Titan’s remaining oxygen. In fact, it would be irresponsible not to include this information in the rescue story.

Before: Some people watching yesterday’s NewsNation report about the submarine Oceangate, which went missing while searching for the wreckage of the Titanic, were surprised by one aspect of the broadcast.

No, it wasn’t Ashley Banfield’s investigation into whether a giant squid “attacked” a submarine. Rather, the “oxygen level” countdown clock in the lower right corner of the screen literally ticked off the hours and minutes left until he ran out of air for the five of us.

Countdown clocks, of course, are a staple of cable news coverage. They are often used to make fun of coverage of upcoming events, such as presidential speeches or election night voting deadlines. But NewsNation’s rollout of the feature yesterday upset many of its viewers.

A clip of Banfield’s segment had quite a few comments critical of the move.

“Oh. A countdown clock,” wrote one.

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“Oxygen countdown clocks are insensitive…” wrote another.

A third commenter posted, “As expected of NewsNation…a potential oxygen countdown clock left in these five souls?” You literally have no shame. Significant lack of empathy and decision making. Were you going to count down the last seconds? Ashley, you better allow this on your show. ”

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in the meantime at least two Part of the network’s corner on this topic yesterday featured oxygen clocks, but this morning’s Morning in America program was missing that feature. It’s unclear what prompted the decision.

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