News for builders – CLC Group announces availability of construction products has returned to near pre-corona levels

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The Co-Chairs of the Construction Leadership Council’s Product Availability Working Group have released the latest assessment of construction product availability in the UK.

For the first time since working group meetings began at the height of the pandemic, most building materials are now fully available across the UK, with increasing reports that availability has returned to pre-coronavirus levels. .

Some problems with products that rely on semiconductors continue, but overall I feel that things are gradually improving.

Despite a slight decline in construction activity, the industry as a whole is performing better than forecast six months ago. Price pressure has also eased as demand has decreased compared to this time last year. As a result, early signs suggest that prices for many products appear to be stabilizing, and in individual cases appear to be declining from their recent highs, but volatility is it is continuing.

However, this varies by sector and subsector. For example, his RMI efforts in both public and private homes to support decarbonization and improve energy efficiency are boosting sales of insulation products. Manufacturers in this sector are achieving higher-than-expected production volumes but are controlling supply.

As reported last month, a slowdown in the housing market and increased production have boosted brick inventories. With bricks in stock for about eight weeks and new factories in the UK coming online in the next 6-12 months, the UK’s reliance on more expensive imports to replenish inventories will decline rapidly. I guess.

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