NBA, NHL sweeps looming.LeBron hints at retirement


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good morning! Congratulations on the 49ers rule change for 2022.


I was able to get 4 brooms

Indeed, the Lakers held the ball on their last possession last night and had a chance to win or draw. But Nikola Jokic’s silly shot slammed into the net just as the shot clock went off, and the game seemed to have been decided minutes before. The Lakers toasted.

The Nuggets advanced to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history by defeating LeBron James and the Lakers in a shocking sweep last night. After overwhelming everyone in front of them this postseason, they are absolute title contenders. And before the first game, he will have more than a week’s rest.

Even better: The Panthers’ 1-0 victory in last night’s NHL Eastern Conference Finals has swept or is already on the brink of sweeping any series. Nothing like this has ever happened. Simultaneous sweeps in the conference finals are unprecedented in the NBA and rare in the NHL.

  • Nuggets beat Lakers 4-0
  • Celtics lead 3-0 in Heat
  • Panthers lead Hurricanes 3-0
  • Golden Knights lead Stars 2-0

Miami will have a chance to win the second of four sweeps tonight against Boston, while Las Vegas is on track to go up 3-0 against Dallas. Do we need parity here as well? I’m almost rooting for a complete victory.

PS It’s fair to wonder if this was LeBron’s final title shot. He was unbelievable last night, and at 38 he finished 40/10/9 in 48 minutes. Great, but still not good enough. After the game, he also openly talked about his retirement, which I still can’t believe, but it’s amazing he brought it up.

good bye

Goodbye Melo

Carmelo Anthony announced his retirement from the NBA yesterday, ending a 19-season Hall of Fame career. His mark in basketball is indelible, and he helped define one of the greatest generational stars this league has ever seen. Consider your touchpoints.

  • National champion in Syracuse in 2003, his only college season
  • No. 3 overall pick in the absurd 2003 NBA Draft, Among them were LeBron, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.
  • 28,289 points in his NBA career, worthy of ninth place
  • olympic icon He was the first American to compete in four Olympic Games and was a three-time gold medalist.

he also just nice. He will be most remembered for his performance with the Knicks, which has inspired fans at Madison Square Garden in ways they haven’t in a decade. He did it while showing up at the bodega in the middle of the night in his bathrobe. Melo chose New York. He rushed over there and delivered. Mike Volkunov has argued that the team should retire his No. 7 jersey.

But it shouldn’t diminish his time in Denver, where the Nuggets have been an absolute pain to Western Conference powerhouses like the Spurs and Lakers. Melo’s Denver reached the West Finals in 2009. Interestingly, the 2011 Knicks-Nuggets trade still has a butterfly effect. Denver drafted Jamal Murray with one of the 2016 picks received from New York.

Melo also joins the Hall of Fame of athletes who, in my mind, will be able to compete and do well at any point in the next 15 years. Need one bucket? 47-year-old Melo can certainly do that.

References: In his farewell video, Melo shifted his focus to his son Kiyan, stating that young Anthony is his true legacy. You can read more about Kiyan and his college recruitment here.


Is Vini Jr. Out?
Amazing things are happening abroad. 22-year-old Real Madrid superstar Vinicius Jr. I am considering leaving the club A Bini campaign source has spoken out following another horrific act of racism by a Spanish fan. The Athletic. The reality of a young star leaving the country for racist remarks would be shocking and embarrassing for Real, La Liga and everyone involved. “Vinicius, you’re a monkey,” the fans greeted Real on the team bus before the game in Valencia on Sunday, and continued to rant during the game.

This is not uncommon to encounter racism. It has been a consistent theme for Vini’s last two years in Spain. Apparently he’s tired of it. stay tuned.

Let’s call it the Purdy Rule
A new rule approved yesterday will allow NFL teams to dress a third quarterback on game day without using an active roster spot, making the 2022 NFC Championship a relic. means that In that game, 49ers starter Brock Purdy was injured early in the game, but back-up Josh Johnson was forced to reenter the game when he entered concussion protocol. The new rule allows a third QB to be active only if one of the two QBs on the original active list is unable to play due to injury or disqualification.

A’s announcer was dismissed
Oakland TV announcer Glenn Kuiper lost his job after making racist remarks on air earlier this month. Speaking ahead of the Athletics-Royals game on May 5, Kuiper said: (N-word) League Museum. And Arthur Bryant’s barbecue. ’” He apologized in a subsequent broadcast. NBC Sports California made this decision after conducting an internal review.

snap shot

what’s going on

Baseball season is long. The multiple TV shows you watch may have one season ending and another beginning in the same baseball calendar year. Months and episodes later, we often end up with a still image like the one above that tells a fun story about a point in time, but we always forget about it later.

The current standings produce incredible visuals: The entire AL East is better than the AL Central. Note, however, that Toronto (bottom East) is tied for first place with Minnesota. Some facts:

  • The AL East total distance is +218. The AL Central time is -170.
  • In theory, four of the five AL East teams could make it to the postseason. 1 Division Winner and 3 Wildcard Contestants.

Will this last? Probably not, especially since teams in the AL East continue to play each other. Still fun.

pulse pick

Brody Miller has a great story about LSU prodigy Dylan Cruz in what is perhaps the best offensive season in college baseball history. personally? big fan.

Tom Brady is officially a minority owner of the Raiders. Maybe he’ll bring in a barber for Mark Davis.

Who will be the Maple Leafs’ next general manager? Pierre Leblanc empties the notebook.

Nick Baumgardner looks at the SEC’s NFL front-runners this year. Shocker, he’s with someone from Georgia.

Sure, Wrexham is a fun story. But just how popular is the team of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney really?

The NFL Draft is heading to Green Bay, the smallest city ever held.

(Photo: Harry Howe/Getty Images)

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