Nationwide Advisor Survey Reveals Summertime Secrets of Best Produced Financial Advisors

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Published April 24, 2023

LeadJig + Acquire Direct Marketing, a leading provider of seminar and workshop marketing services for financial advisors, Medicare agents and estate planning attorneys, recently conducted a marketing productivity study of over 200 financial advisors nationwide. Among the survey findings, the advisor cited “Increase in his marketing ROI at summer seminars” as a key factor in summertime success. Advisors attribute this productivity gain largely to competitors’ reduced activity during that period, giving them a unique advantage.

Historically, financial advisors tended to take vacations during the summer months. However, certain advisors are using the season to increase production numbers and grow their business.

Alex Hug, CEO of LeadJig + Acquire Direct Marketing, said: “For financial advisors, marketing decisions tend to separate good years from great years. It just so happens that the summer months may be the best time of year, and we are proud to share these findings with the industry.”

LeadJig + Acquire Direct Marketing Seminar and Workshop Marketing Services provide financial advisors with comprehensive support in planning, facilitating and executing successful seminars and workshops. With a team of experienced professionals and proven marketing strategies, the firm is committed to helping advisors achieve their business goals and reach new levels of success.

“Success is not confined to any particular season, but it is up to financial advisors to seize the opportunities that each season presents. Summer is unique for those who dare to stand out in a less competitive environment. Chris Gutierrez, CMO, Leadjig + Acquire Direct Marketing, said:

Financial advisors interested in using the summer seminar season to increase production numbers and grow their business should contact LeadJig + Acquire Direct Marketing at (800) 771-9898 for more information. Click this link to view the LeadJig demonstration.

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LeadJig + Acquire Direct Marketing is a leading provider of seminar marketing services for financial advisors. With a focus on providing comprehensive support and proven marketing strategies, the company helps advisors achieve their business goals and reach new levels of success. For more information, please visit

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