Missing Titanic Submarine: Time Out for Ocean Gate Submarine as US Accused of Obstructing Rescue

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Former British Navy officer reveals ‘timescale’ of missing Titanic submarine

The Titanic, a tourist submarine with five people on board, has been missing in the Atlantic for more than two days, and a large-scale search and rescue operation is still ongoing.

British billionaire explorer Hamish Harding, noted French diver Paul-Henri Narjolet, Pakistani businessman Shazada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Sulaiman Dawood board the submarine Titan at Ocean Gate. there is Oceangate Expeditions founder Stockton Rush is believed to be the fifth.

The ship was equipped with emergency oxygen supplies for four days before leaving the mothership.

US Coast Guard Major General John Mauger told reporters on Monday afternoon that he believed he had 70 hours to a full 96 hours left at that point.

Officials said the vessel sank Sunday morning and a support vessel, the Canadian research icebreaker Polar Prince, lost contact after about an hour and 45 minutes.

Oceangate Expeditions, the company that offers eight-day missions to see the wreckage of the Titanic for $250,000 per person, said it was “exploring all options and mobilizing to bring the crew back safely. ‘ said. The US Coast Guard and the Canadian Coast Guard are working on rescue operations.


Map of Titanic Sinking Locations

Graham MasseyJun 20, 2023 09:01


See: Locator map showing the wreck where the Titanic Oceangate submarine went missing

Locator map showing the wreck where the Titanic Oceangate submarine went missing

Rachel SharpJun 20, 2023 13:15


Submarines have had communication problems in the past

As the U.S. Coast Guard grapples with locating the Ocean Gate submersible, CBS reporter David Pogue reminds people that this isn’t the first time the submersible has run into communication problems.

Submarines are not fully functional like submarines. You need a surface ship to point you in the right direction.

Last year, Pogue conducted a CBS report on submarines and joined the crew of a submarine that lost contact with a surface ship. As a result, the submarine crew was in distress.

“We were lost for two and a half hours,” one crew member told Pogue.

Graham MasseyJune 20, 2023 13:00


Inside the submarine that found the lost Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean:

A submarine cruising the Titanic wreck has gone missing with five people on board, and rescue operations are underway in the North Atlantic.

Oceangate Expeditions offers missions to tour the wreckage of the luxury liner that was sunk in 1912 and only rediscovered in 1985. The cost is $250,000 (£195,000) per person for her. The company confirmed Monday that the submarine was lost at sea and a search is underway.

Read on for a full look at what Titan looks like inside:

Rachel SharpJun 20, 2023 12:45


Attention: What Happened to the Titan Sightseeing Submersible?

Missing Titanic Submarine: What happened to the Titanic Tourist Submarine?

Rachel SharpJune 20, 2023 12:30


Experts Reveal Challenges of Underwater Search

Experts have revealed the challenges of an underwater search for a submarine that lost contact while visiting the Titanic sinking site.

Dr Jamie Pringle, Leader of Forensic Geosciences, University of Keele, UK, said in a statement: Independent paper: “Underwater exploration is very difficult because the ocean floor is much steeper than on land, the water is uneven, and there are different strata levels of water layers and currents.

“A typical ground search for a missing person or vehicle moves radially outward from the last known location.

(Ocean Gate Expedition)

“Technologies vary, but at that depth, solving small submarines requires sonar search systems to specialize in very narrow beams and high enough frequencies.

“The search for the crashed MH370 plane, which went missing in 2014, was very extensive and is still unsolved. It should be a narrow search area.”

Rachel SharpJun 20, 2023 12:15


US Coast Guard says area where submarine went missing is ‘remote’

At a news conference Monday afternoon, Rear Adm. John Mauger, commander of the US Coast Guard Division 1, said all efforts were being made to locate the submarine, but that searching the missing area would be difficult.

“The search site is about 900 miles east of Cape Cord and about 13,000 feet deep. It’s remote and difficult to conduct a search in that remote area, but we’re able to locate the aircraft and rescue the crew. We are putting all the assets we have available,” Mauger said.

Depending on the type of submersible, the Coast Guard may lurk in both surface and underwater locations, and must search both.

Graham MasseyJune 20, 2023 12:00


WATCH: Former Royal Navy Officer Reveals ‘Timescale’ of Missing Titanic Submarine

Former British Navy officer reveals ‘timescale’ of missing Titanic submarine

Rachel SharpJun 20, 2023 11:45


Oceangate adviser accuses US government of delaying rescue of missing Titanic submarine due to paperwork

Advisors to Oceangate Expeditions have accused the U.S. government of holding back efforts to rescue the five passengers aboard the missing tourist submarine Titanic, citing official paperwork.

Lawyer and explorer David Concannon, who pulled out of the adventure at the last minute and was lucky enough to escape, told New Nation Monday night that significant equipment is now available that could help recover the missing Titan ship. He said it was thousands of miles away in the Guernsey Straits. Islands.

The equipment is ready and waiting to be sent to the Atlantic to search for the missing submarine, but it can’t go anywhere until the U.S. government allows it.

“[They are]the same group, the experts, who did the advanced research on the Titanic last year,” he said.

“They are mobilized. They are sitting on the tarmac, ready to go. I have.”

The five people on board are in a deadly race, he said, but the officials required to receive the rescue equipment have not shown the same level of urgency.

“This equipment has been sitting on the tarmac for hours. come,” he said.

Images of the Ocean Gate Submarine


“It’s unacceptable. I don’t want to discourage government officials who are helping because they are doing their job, but they need to act sooner.”

As the clock ticked away until the ship ran out of oxygen, Mr. Concannon realized he had no time to waste.

“We need to move. We don’t have minutes or hours. We need to move now,” he said.

He added, “We have people whose lives are in danger. We have to move. We have ready assets and they sit and wait.”

Rachel SharpJune 20, 2023 11:30


Thoughts on Titanic Tourism

The disappearance of the submersible has raised concerns about what people are looking for when taking expensive and risky tours to see the wreckage of the Titanic.

in retrospect Independenthas been reporting on deep-sea tourism around the Titanic since 2020.

Graham MasseyJun 20, 2023 11:15

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