Minnesota finance chief to resign


The Minnesota state government is undergoing personnel changes at the top of the Treasury Department.

Minnesota Management and Budget Commissioner Jim Showalter is set to leave his position in mid-August. Showalter was replaced by deputy secretary Erin Campbell, according to a statement from the Waltz administration, which Waltz said had shown “steady leadership and tireless service.”

“Under his direction, the MMB team has stabilized the state budget so that we can invest the state’s historic surplus in what matters most to Minnesotans,” Waltz said in a statement.

This was Showalter’s second time in charge of a major state financial institution. He previously served in that role under Governor Mark Deighton.

“This is the perfect time to end a historic budget for this year and start a new chapter,” Showalter said in a press release. “I have been MMB Commissioner longer than anyone, and I know I will entrust this institution to an incredible team of purpose-driven leaders.”

Mr. Campbell has held various leadership positions in the executive branch, most recently in employee resource roles. This change will take effect from his August 15th.

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