Minneapolis Downtown Council President and CEO Announces Retirement


The Minneapolis Downtown Council (MDC) and the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District (DID) announced that President and CEO Steve Kramer will retire in December.

Cramer joined the organization in 2013 and has led many downtown development projects, expanded community partnerships to improve downtown conditions, and advocated for common sense business regulation.

According to a press release, Cramer will officially finish work later this year, but until then he will focus on the upcoming season of Downtown.

“It has been an honor and a pleasure to lead MDC-DID and work with its talented and dedicated staff, hundreds of dedicated board members and community leaders,” Cramer said in a statement. I’m here. “This organization has set the direction for downtown for decades, and that work will continue during my tenure and into the future. I’m sure the road we’re on will lead to renewed vigor.My bet is in downtown Minneapolis!”

During Cramer’s tenure, the organization and its approximately 450 members and stakeholders focused on Downtown’s ability to attract new businesses, employees and residents. In her five districts downtown, he has 56,748 residents, and last year he attended more than 8.5 million downtown events.

The organization also prioritized keeping the 120 Block district greener, cleaner, and safer.

“Steve has been a pleasure to work with while on the MDC-DID Board of Directors,” said Karin Lucas, President of MDC-DID. “In unprecedented circumstances, he brought clear direction and focus to our collaboration for downtown.[ed] season. Before that, he helped our downtown reach new heights and levels of momentum. Steve has grown and positioned the organization for the future. We will certainly miss his leadership and wish him well in his retirement. ”

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