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VettaFi continues to transform financial services from an industry to a community through features such as bi-weekly publications. meet an advisor This column presents profiles of financial advisors, giving them the opportunity to share their stories and shine a spotlight on their ideas.

Earlier this week, VettaFi announced a new Forex Advisors Councilconsists of seven members working to make Exchange 2024 the premier conference for financial advisors. The first edition of the Exchange featured exceptional networking opportunities and great keynotes and speakers, but next year’s conference is no longer just for advisors, it’s built by advisors.

VettaFi is pleased to announce that over the next few episodes of Meet an Advisor, the Exchange Advisor Council will be interviewed about their work and plans for Exchange. After that, this column will continue to share the stories of financial advisors.

Previous editions include a video interview with Harrison Quinn of HDQ Wealth, Ramona Myall on her journey the pros and cons of participating alone or as part of an RIA, and Vance BarthFounder and Wealth Strategist of your devoted trustee, His company started on Route 26 to the music of ZZ Top.

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