Mayor responds to campaign-finance fraud allegations


When six people were indicted for plotting to illegally funnel public funds into Adams’ campaign, Mayor Adams’ team responded in a statement.

The reaction was written again when the New York Times reported that the wallet-sized photo of a colleague he often flaunted had been doctored.

On Monday, the mayor finally spoke out.

“Sleep well. I’m consistent. Everyone has to follow the rules,” he told reporters, hoping campaign finance laws would be followed.

What you need to know

  • Adams still criticized the press for not covering him more aggressively
  • But his tone was softer than what he said at the Christian Cultural Center on Sunday
  • Adams also spoke about his relationship with the late Officer Robert Venable, but did not deny that the wallet-sized photo had been doctored.

The mayor was not involved in the incident involving supporters who allegedly sought public matching funds for the 2021 mayoral election using so-called straw donors to buy influence.

But he knew one of the indicted people, Dwayne Montgomery, from his days with the NYPD.

“No, he never visited me at City Hall,” Adams said Monday.

“I think he was at the Black History Month reception,” he added of the Grace Mansion.

When NY1 asked about the Vital Brooklyn construction project that the other defendants allegedly tried to put before him for consideration, Adams replied, “Is it possible that someone in my time had mentioned it? Yes, but I haven’t delved into them at all.”

The mayor was clearly impatient when asked about a New York Times article about a photo of the late Officer Robert Venable in his possession after announcing federal lawsuits against four e-cigarette manufacturers.

Adams said those who came to him didn’t say the story had shaken their faith in him.

“What they said was that they were surprised the New York Times didn’t apologize to his family and colleagues,” he said.

City Hall said the Times questioned Mr Adams’ friendship with Venable, but Mr Adams and his entourage had altered the photos of Venable he carried around to look weathered. not directly objecting to it.

“We have all been told about that heartbreaking moment when we lost Robert,” he said. “And I just believe that families owe an apology.”

Adams was clearly less defiant Monday than he was when he said Sunday at the pulpit of the Center for Christian Culture, “They want to paint a picture of incompetence and incompetence.”

But he still criticized the press for not reporting his achievements, asking, “All I realize is when the goalposts stop moving.”

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